SmartSun Wristbands: The Handy UV Detectors Which Are Essential For Staying Safe This Summer

It all may seem fun; being drenched in the summer sun whilst you holiday, participate in outdoor sports or go about general activities underneath those rays. But alongside the potential for tan, glorious warmth and bright light, the sun also emits harmful UV rays which put you at risk of injuries, sunburn and, in the long term, certain skin cancers. Whacking on some sun cream might seem like enough, but do you really know when you should be re-applying and how often? Staying safe is key to enjoying your summer, and these SmartSun wristbands are a great way of minimising risk while you go about your holiday.

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Each skin type reacts differently to UV rays, so it's important to be aware of this before you buy your SPF. If you have fair skin, naturally red-toned hair and freckles, you are likely to burn quite easily and should be wearing the highest SPF, making sure to cover up the more delicate areas which might catch the sun. Whereas, if you tan quite easily you can get away with a lower SPF, making sure it's regularly topped up to avoid burning. Always be self-aware when you're in the sun, wear a suitable SPF and be cautious!

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Even if you know your skin type, you may not know how regularly to top up the SPF or how safe that day's UV levels are. SmartSun have devised these innovative wristbands which help you out with this matter. To be worn daily, simply pop these on in the morning and watch it change colour according to the safety levels. Initially yellow, the wristband will turn beige when it's time for you to re-apply your sun cream, then to pink if the sun's UV levels are too high for it to be considered safe to go out in.

Pop the wristband on before you apply your suncream- getting the product on the wristband now and when reapplying will aid the band in telling you when it's time to apply more SPF. It is waterproof too, so you can wear it when you're splashing about in the pool or sea (where you are most likely to get burnt). You don't even realise you're wearing it- it is comfortable and can save you so much grief from nasty burns, whether it's for you or your children, whether you're jetting off to Greece or just going on a sunny dog walk. It's a reliable, once-a-day product that only costs £4.99 for a set of 5. Ingenious, cheap and lifesaving; a product I didn't even realise I needed this summer.

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Have you used these wristbands? What are your top tips for staying safe in the sun?

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This post features PR samples but it does not effect my opinion in the slightest! This really is an ingenious product.


  1. I honestly need to try this as I burn every Summer..and we have skin cancer in the family, I am literally so worried about it lately and this would be so helpful x

    1. If you're going on holiday at all these would be so handy for you...better to be safe than sorry! Xxx


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