Pre-Workout Treat: Chocolate and Peanut Protein Energy Balls

Although the diet for me has ended as I've reached my goal weight (woohoo!), I'm still being quite conscious of what I eat and want to make up the calories that I'm not used to having in a 'good' way. Of course, I can't resist a chocolate-related treat from time to time! I recently tried baking with protein powder again, after giving it a break having not found a recipe that was a real stand-out favourite in my household. It's so difficult! Perhaps it's the whey protein that we have, but there's something about it that completely changes the consistency and texture of the bake, and not in a good way. Anyway, these chocolate and peanut protein balls turned out AMAZING, and I think that's predominantly because they're no-bake! I think we've finally found a protein recipe that's going to be a staple!


Eylure's NEW Enchanted False Eyelash Range

I'm pretty sure that Eylure have previously done a limited edition 'Enchanted' range, but, regardless, a new one has been launched (or at least new styles). Originally boasting 7 unique styles, I got hold of a new addition to the range, a style called 'Lily'. The romantically girly-named collection is a gorgeous variety of soft, feminine lashes, from half strips for the most subtle feline looks to natural-looking sets that would add just a touch of volume and length to your own lashes. (Eylure also do an Enchanted 'After Dark' range which offers more dramatic styles). For me, 'Lily' looked like a great addition to my false lash collection; they weren't too long but offered enough volume and texture to give me what I want in order to cover my hair loss. Whilst overall I do really like these lashes, they were surprisingly not up to Eylure's usual amazing standard.


Luxury Hair Care with the Harley Street Hair Clinic

When it comes to hair care, I've never really splashed out. I tend to stick to the high street brands that are probably full of parabens and silicone, but that's all my student budget has ever really stretched to and the habit has simply stuck (does this make me a bad beauty blogger? Probably). I've never had a problem with using brands such as Aussie and Garnier, and to be perfectly honest, have never given much thought to their impact on my hair (instead, using styling products to create any volume and sleekness rather than thinking about how my shampoo and conditioner could help the process). After receiving a luxury hair care package from the Harley Street Hair Clinic, it was time to see whether spending that extra bit of dosh really could make a difference to my hair. 


Holiday-Ready Nails with Rimmel's NEW Super Gel Shades

If I could pick three beauty-related things which make me feel sassy and confident it would be winged liner (that goes right first time), a bangin' red lipstick and freshly painted nails. Although I have a very and habit of picking and biting my nails, when I muster the strength to grow them to a decent length, I love taking time to give myself a little manicure, painting my nails and making them look pretty. There's something about perfectly painted, un-chipped nail polish that just makes you feel like you have your life together, isn't there? The latest polishes to grace my nails has been this new range from Rimmel, the colours within which just scream summer.

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