Statement Sunglasses: Giles Deacon for Label M

I love me a good pair of statement, cat shaped sunglasses. I love them even more when they only cost me a fiver. Seeing as the sun is making it's happy face known to the UK at the moment, I thought it was time I treated myself to a new pair of sunnies to protect my eyes from the harsh rays. When I saw online that Label M were giving away a free pair of sunglasses when you purchase 3 cans of their hair colouring spray, I instantly fell in love with the design.

Before I properly start, I have a task for you during the course of this post...Spot how many dogs/ dog reflections you can see in the photos! Winner gets a prize (not really). 


Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

There's loads going on in my life at the moment, and I must admit I've been having a tough time. To cheer myself up, I "stumbled" upon the H Samuel sale and "accidentally" ended up purchasing some diamonds. I know you're probably thinking, 'why didn't she just buy some Dairy Milk?'. The reason is, H Samuel have a mahoosive sale on at the moment, with some of the most beautiful diamond jewellery reduced down to the price of a New Look dress.


2True Salon Shine: 'Mila'

As summer has approached us, it's time to deck out our beauty regime with fun, bold colours. It's the time to try out those bright shades on your hair, lids, lips and nails. I love switching my nail colour up to suit my look and mood, so this orange shade from 2True seemed the perfect accompaniment to my summer adventures.


Gooey Chocolate Fondants

There are few people in this world who can resist a bit of chocolate, myself not included. While it's not necessarily the best on the waistline, I can't get enough of the sweet stuff. It makes for the perfect treat to cure a sweet-tooth, so what better than to chuck some in a gooey, melty pudding?


Top Tips: Make-Up For Glasses

Behind every pair of glasses there's a make-up doubt. Will these leave red marks on the bridge of my nose? Will they make my eyes look smaller? Will the bold frame drown out my features? Seeing as big bold glasses of all coloured frames are 'cool' at the moment, the question of how to do your make-up to suit the spectacles is evermore relevant. I love my glasses, but I also love make-up; here are my top tips on how to harmonise the two and keep your features looking fierce even underneath the lens...


Going Lighter: Colour Cleanse at Rush

After having dark brown hair for around 4 years now, I fancied a bit of a change. However, seeing as I've been dying my hair for the past 5 or 6 years, I knew going lighter wasn't going to be an easy feat. I get bored so easily with my hair, so thought I'd take a leap and try and go back to my natural medium to dark blonde. This post will detail my first step in this journey to blonde, a colour cleanse to strip all existing artificial colour from my hair.


Trichotillomania Top Tips: 15 Ways To Stop Pulling

Trichotillomania is undeniably hard to beat. It isn't an illness where the doctor can prescribe some medication and it'll all be better; you are not battling your body, but battling your mind. It's a psychological disorder, not physical. While I explained the ins and outs of TTM in this post, I only touched upon ways sufferers can stop.

After struggling with this disorder for 17 years of my life (I am only 20), I haven't managed to be completely pull-free. While I haven't rid myself of this 'disease' (that is what it feels like), I have learnt ways to cope with it. Here are my top tips on how to cope with TTM, manage it, and hopefully go pull-free.

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Remington Pearl Pro Curling Wand

I got this little beauty for my birthday earlier this year. I already had another curler, but the barrel was far smaller, creating tighter waves. This Remington Pearl Pro curling wand was just what I wanted to create larger, looser waves instead of curls. It's a great tool for perfecting that effortless, beachy look.


My Weekend: Superdrug Haul!

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I was more than excited to spend my Sunday in Superdrug, spending all my money on any beauty product that particularly caught my eye. I actually ended up spending a lot less than anticipated, partly because I stuck to 'budget' products, but mainly because Superdrug have an incredible 3 for 2 offer on at the moment.

As many of the things I went in for were out of stock (namely the Accessorize Shimmer Block highlighter), I stuck to the 6 products. Within the 3 for 2 offer, you get the cheapest of the 3 free, so it's well worth trotting down there and stocking up on any of your beauty favourites. If you're a student, Superdrug also do 10% off when a valid NUS card is shown; another reason to splash you cash!

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