Nail Gems: A Tacky Trend...But I Kind Of Love It

A few years ago, the latest craze in the beauty world was nail art. All forms of nail bling became available on the shelves of Superdrug, from a wondrous range of special effect top coats, to fiddly nail wraps and stickers, and the more impractical nail gems. The trend has since died down a bit, with most of us opting for a more classic, muted nail style which doesn't end up restricting us in our day to day lives. However, when these Qwerkity nail gems* were popped through my letterbox, it somewhat rekindled my love for these trends...and I'm not even ashamed of it!


My Go-To Brownie Recipe

I love chocolate. I know I'm not alone when I say I love chocolate more than I love most other things in life. In fact, I love it so much that this is not the first, nor second, but THIRD brownie recipe to feature on this site! The first was slightly healthier than the others (a recipe which created 1/2 syn Slimming World choccy bites), but I must say that I think this recipe is the best of the bunch. I made these last weekend for my chocoholic boyfriend (I know, I'm such a good girlfriend!) and he loved them; they definitely have the chocolate expert's stamp of approval! If you want a bit of sweetness in your life with ingredients that you already have in your food cupboard, this recipe is for you.


Old Favourites! 3 Products I've Rediscovered And Am Loving

Hands up; who is guilty of constantly buying into new beauty launches without making the most of the products you have in your stash already? I know I am, which is why I've recently started making the effort to sort through my make-up, chuck away all the old stuff, and dig out some treasures that I'd completely forgotten about. And OHMYGAWD there are so many! I never realised I owned so many beauty products until I started this mammoth task! Anyway, I digress; these three are products I used to use so much but have gotten lost amongst all my new shiny purchases. Sometimes, we need to take the time to realise what we already have instead of running out to buy the latest Benefit launch!


Dispelling the Myths: What Actually IS Trichotillomania?

I've written quite a few posts suggesting products to help cover signs of trichotillomania, from false lashes to eyebrow products, and also ones about self-confidence issues that come with battling the disorder. However, except for my very first post on the issue, I have never really gone into detail about what it is, or why we do it. Having been chatting with a few sufferers recently, I have found that there is still HUGE misunderstanding amongst sufferers, professionals, friends and family. The best way to break down any stigmas about mental health disorders is to talk openly, educate and promote understanding. If people are aware of the disorder, the ins and outs and the effects of it, the world becomes a far easier place for sufferers, allowing them to develop a level of acceptance and confidence when living with trichotillomania. So, lets start dispelling all the myths around it and promote a real understanding of what trich actually is...

what you need to know about trichotillomania


Getting Uni Organised: How To Get Your Sh*t Together In Final Year

University can be the most amazing time of your life, but it can also be a lot of bloody hard work. First year is full of fun, second year is a slow realisation that grades matter, and final year is when the panic sets in. The workload seems never-ending, and if you're not careful, drowning in deadlines will only prove damaging to your final result and personal health. As someone who is going through this final stretch of their degree right now, I thought I would pass on some advice I have learnt throughout my degree and the build-up to dissertation hand-in to ease your own anxieties or just prepare you for third year (she says, blogging rather than writing an essay).

advice for final year uni students organisation time


Better Than Batiste? Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo

For ages, Batiste had been the only brand of dry shampoo I have ever used. Its extensive range has achieved somewhat a cult status in the beauty world, being the first real brand to capitalise on this innovative new market. Nowadays, I honestly don't know what I would do without dry shampoo in my life. It's such a handy product to have and saves me so much time in the morning; a spritz of dry shampoo injects a bit of life into my limp bed hair, freshens it up, and can create the perfect amount of volume for a day or evening look. It has so many uses, so it's no wonder that oodles of beauty brands have ventured into this market, creating their own versions of shampoo in a can. After trying this Herbal Essences range, it has made me realised that perhaps Batiste aren't that great after all.


Run, Forrest, Run! Being A Brighton Marathon Hero

Last Sunday was a big day for my household; it was the day of the Brighton Marathon. My housemate, Aarun, had signed up to run the 26.2 miles throughout the city of Brighton and Hove, and his big day had finally arrived. He had previously run the half marathon in February, and had completed it in under his target time of 2 hours (he ran it in 1:59:45!). On Sunday, he had to do this route again...and back!


A Musical Adventure: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Last Saturday, my darling mother and I took a trip to the sunny capital to see a show at the theatre. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine (and screeching school children on their Easter holidays), and despite the delayed train journey into London, we were incredibly excited to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.


Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color: My Go-To Home Hair Dye

I know using a home hair dye will land me with a telling off next time I go to the hairdressers, but some of us just can't afford to spend £70+ on getting a professional dye job done every 6 weeks. Although I wish it would, my student budget doesn't stretch this far, and the past few times I have had my hair dyed at the hairdressers, the colour has only lasted a few weeks anyway. For me, the money spent just doesn't match up to the colour quality; it is not worth doing anymore. Being someone who has dyed  their hair since they were 13/14 years old, I put a lot of faith in home hair dyes, and this Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color is by far one of the best I've tried.


All About That Base: Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

We're often told within the world of beauty that your skincare and base is the most important part of your makeup routine. Without these, you have nothing to build upon. Having a perfect base enables you to craft your look however you want, whether it be adding depth through highlighting, or creating definition through contouring. I'm a big fan of using brushes to create this flawless base; after using a foundation brush for a couple of years I would never go back to applying with my fingers or a sponge. I'm also a big believer in investing in good quality brushes to ensure your base makeup is the best it can be, and these Real Techniques brushes are a fantastic collection to get you started.


My Top 3 Lipsticks That Are Fit For Spring (And All Budgets)

Alongside the big ol' Spring clean, I always give my wardrobe and make-up routine an overhaul too. Gone are the mattes and darker shades; out come the bright dresses, dewy foundations and coral lipsticks. In preparation for summer, I love matching my make-up to reflect the weather (as weird as that sounds)- the sun just makes me want to experiment with bright colours! One thing that I love swapping (and that is the easiest change to make) is lipstick colours. Here are my top 3 that'll keep you looking fabulous through this season, all the way to Summer.

top three lipsticks for spring


I Don't Give A Sh*t About How I Look, So Why Do You Still Criticise My Appearance?

Over the past year, I've become increasingly comfortable with having trichotillomania. Having suffered for 18 years, it has taken me enough time to finally come to terms with living with the disorder. Along with accepting the illness itself, I have found peace with the way I look (having struggled with insecurities for as long as I can remember). While I'm not 100% comfortable yet - I still find eye contact extremely awkward, for example - it has got a lot better, and I've finally stopped giving a shit about what people think of me and my appearance.

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