Institut Karite: The Parisian Brand Showing The Wonders Of Shea Butter

If there's one thing I can never have too many of, it's hand creams. My skin gets very dry and sensitive during colder months, and working in retail just adds to my poor hands' dismal state. However, a good hand cream is hard to come by; they often leave your hands with a greasy film or take too long to soak in. Institut Karité have created a marvelous product in the form of their shea hand cream, and the rest of their shea butter hair and body range sounds equally divine. If you need some authentic, French-style skin-care in your life, this is the brand for it.


Nouveau Lashes (And Which Ones Are Best For Covering Hair Loss) + WIN!

My long journey with trichotillomania has fuelled an unhealthy obsession with false eyelashes. From the age of about 15 (when I first learned of their beautiful existence), I have been on the quest to find the perfect styles for covering up my lack of eyelashes. No longer do we have to suffer with a smudge of black eyeliner, or even face the fear of baring our bald lids in public; the right pair of false eyelashes can not only replicate the flutter we should have, but also boost our confidence beyond our dreams. Whilst I've tried a few brands in my time, Nouveau Lashes is fairly new to my beauty radar. I've handpicked the best ones that you need to try out if you suffer from hair loss.


Emotive & Luxurious: Valeur Absolue Is More Than Just A Fragrance

It's always been said that fragrances are more about emotion than the actual scent itself. Spritzing on your favourite perfume is a sensory experience- yes, it may smell pretty, but the biggest impact is on the emotions that scent evokes. The focus of fragrance is how it makes you feel. We swap and change our perfumes with the seasons, picking something lighter and floral during spring, and perhaps more sensuous and mysterious during winter. This is because we choose our scent based on our moods and how we want the fragrance to make us feel. Valeur Absolue is a brand which capitalises on this emotive connection to the good-smelling stuff, creating an interesting range of perfumes designed to fit with and even change our mood.


OnZen's Innovative Bath Tablets: A Hot Spring In Your Own Home?

The busier our lives seem to get, the more important it is to take time to look after ourselves. I've recently posted about a few beauty products you can pop in your bath to make it even more relaxing; these oils and scents are lovely, but it's equally important to reap the physical benefits of a bath for your skin, and not just focus on the mental element of relaxation. These innovative tablets from OnZen help do just that, and remind us to look after our skin whilst doing all the hard work for us. We're so used to running a bath and adding in our favourite bubble baths, bath bombs or essential oils (focusing on the relaxing element of a long soak). OnZen looks at the water itself, rather than what you can add to it. They have created products which alter the water you are bathing in to make it more beneficial to your skin and circulation. Genius!


Hand-Made Soy Wax Melts By Valley Mill (Natural & Irritant-Free)

Is there anything more relaxing than lighting a candle, grabbing a book and a glass of wine and just doing nothing else for the rest of the evening? Whenever I feel stressed, the first thing I do is head to something scented to lift my mood- whether this materializes in the form of aromatherapy oils, candles, or oil burners. Having gorgeous scents filling your home, combined with the mood lighting a candle provides, is a tried-and-tested way to bring a little luxury to your life. Whilst my home is littered with an array of different candles, one thing I've never really had the pleasure of using is an oil burner. These Valley Mill wax melts are a great place to start, and have started somewhat of an obsession.


3 New & Exciting Products To Pamper Dry Skin With

Colder temperatures can wreak havoc with your skin. Suffering from any kind of dryness is never pleasant, but there are a multitude of products designed with these issues in mind. Nourishment and hydration are key, and while there are loads of brands out there that offer this, I thought I'd include some amazing products from some new, upcoming brands. Sometimes we automatically turn to the brands that are 'tried and tested', but there are so many smaller companies out there that offer absolute gems. These three products have proved to be surprisingly brilliant at helping my dry skin, so I thought I'd share them with you!


Eyelash Primers And Why You Should Be Using One

When you have trichotillomania, it's a moment of sheer joy when you start to see those tiny little eyelashes making their way back through. You start creating a mental wishlist of every mascara you've been wanting to try out, waiting for this glorious moment when you can start rebuilding a full lash-line. Whether you have trichotillomania, naturally short lashes or just want to maximise the length for extra impact, you need to be using a lash primer underneath your mascara. We've all heard of using a primer underneath your foundation to boost longevity and even out your skin tone, but little did you know you should be using one on your eyelashes too if you really want that wow-factor flutter.


4 Red Lipsticks That I Wear Over And Over Again

I'm always buying new make-up, nearly as much as I buy new clothes. Popping into town and perusing the new launches is like a hobby in itself, but one which is quite damaging to my bank balance! If you're like me, you'll find yourself surrounded with all of these lovely products, yet only turn to a select few on a regular basis. Red lipstick is one of those classic beauty products that everyone has; it makes you feel instantly glamourous and looks incredibly sophisticated. These four beauties are the red lipsticks I find myself using time and time again- they are reliable, amazing quality and simply the best in my mahoosive collection, to the point where I rarely use any other red lippies!

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