Bloggin' Ain't Easy: When Inspiration Runs Out

Blogging has become quite a competitive business recently. No-one can deny the power the blogosphere holds over industries and markets, and the influence blogs hold over their audience. I always go straight to blogs when researching a product I want to buy, as you are guaranteed a personal, honest opinion. People rely on blogs, but what about those behind the blogs? Blogging is a huge passion of mine; it keeps my brain ticking over when I have spare time, allows me to develop new hobbies and interests, you can meet so many amazing people and provides a fantastic creative outlet. In the broader sense, I love blogging. But when it comes to creating content all the time, sometimes inspiration can wear a bit thin.

It's a funny business; I don't know whether other bloggers feel the same, but I find that one day I can have all the inspiration in the world and think of tonnes of potential posts, while a couple of weeks down the line I will have absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch ideas in my brain, no inspiration whatsoever. It is probably a million times harder for those who blog full-time and depend on their website to pay the bills, but even for a student / part-time worker like myself, it can get pretty tough. I'm quite harsh on myself when it comes to blogging; I try to religiously post three times a week (Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays) to keep myself disciplined, in a routine and give me a target to work towards. But when you're sticking to this strict schedule and the ideas run dry, how are you meant to get posts published in time?

Another issue is that when you run out of inspiration, you feel like you just end up writing anything just to get content published on your site on time. I want to write posts which I feel hugely passionate about and think you readers will genuinely feel passionate about too. Reeling off any old crap isn't really my style; I would rather publish nothing than a boring post that even I wouldn't necessarily want to read. At the moment I am having one of those 'down' moments in blogging. I don't have any post ideas that jump out at me, and there is nothing I particularly want to write about. This stresses me out; I start panicking when I have moments like this!

We need to remember that for the majority of bloggers, this is not out full-time job. It is still a hobby, and although our readers love coming back for new posts and whatnot, it is not the end of the world if you publish something on your site a couple of days late or have a quiet spell. Your readers will still be there, and taking a step back will probably refresh your brain, allowing you to return with your mind buzzing with new blog ideas. We put so much pressure on ourselves, it is important to prioritise and not let the stresses of blogging and feeling uninspired take over our lives. Just make sure you keep a notepad and jot down any post ideas when they do come to least you'll always have something to fall back on!

What aspects of blogging do you find tough?

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  1. Fantastic post Sophie! I completely agree! I'll do a lot of things at once and have queues upon queues of post ideas but in reality they only last a couple of weeks and then I'm back to square one! It is hard! xx

    1. Thanks Jordan! You get excited because you're ahead of schedule and you're behind again in no time! So frustrating xx

  2. I'm in this exact spot at the moment, I haven't had anything I want to write about at all this week. Last week I had a huge brain storm and added this ideas and their titles as drafts on my blogger. This week reflecting over them I'm just like "meh" and totally not interested in writing content for them.

    I think we all get weeks like this!


    1. I know the feeling! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. Thanks for your comment x


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