The Dieter's Dream: The Macro Recipe Cook Book (Which Links With WeightWatchers AND MyFitnessPal)

Everyone wants to look their best, and with summertime meaning holidays and skimpier clothing, many of us are adopting healthy eating plans in order to shed a few pounds, tone up and feel that bit better within ourselves. Whether you want to lose weight or not, making your diet a little healthier has no downsides, so this Macro Recipe Cook Book can really be used by anyone, for anything! What makes this recipe collection stand out is its affiliation with dieting app, MyFitnessPal, and industry giant, WeightWatchers, making it a fantastic kitchen staple for anyone who uses these programs.

Filled with breakfasts, snacks, starters, dinners and desserts, this book has everything you could wish for. The recipes range from classics to innovative, and unlike many fancy-pants recipes, you will actually have the ingredients at home already! It's a great way of trying out something new whilst being aware of what you are putting in your body. I tried cooking the lemon and rosemary chicken dish for a romantic meal with my boyfriend the other day (who is very health conscious and involved in body-building); it was so easy to make and tasted pretty decent...if I do say so myself! The only annoying thing about these recipes is that it doesn't give any serving suggestions (it literally just told you how to cook the chicken, and didn't mention what to cook with it), meaning that the rest of the meal isn't included in the macro details.

Onto that little thing which makes this recipe book so unique; the macros (the basic composition of our food that you often find on the back of individual product packaging). For each recipe within the book, fats, carbs and proteins are detailed, along with calorific detail, for the portion specified. This makes it great for anyone who watches what they eat or tracks macros; the breakdown is so specific and the meals range from high protein to low carb. It's essentially good, nutritious food, and the range of recipes allows you to make informed choices based on your dietary requirements and desires.

What's more is that this book also details allergy information for each recipe (featuring many gluten-free recipes), WeightWatchers points value for each meal (for UK and US) and comes with a MyFitnessPal bar code for you to log in your meals with ease. Before the recipes even start, there is a handy guide on how to work out your macros based on your dietary goals! The aim of authors Daniel Wheeler and Monica Bravo is to lead people away from 'fad' diets, and more towards well-informed, nutritious living. It's a fab book for anyone who wants to start taking care of their body or those who are already conscious about what they eat, for whatever reason that may be.

Which books or apps do you use for healthy eating?

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  1. Oh gosh I need to lose weight so badly I keep piling on the pounds and this is a really nice inspiring recipe when chicken can become bland and boring! xx

    1. It's nice to know that you're putting goodness into your body! I'm sure you don't need to lose weight, silly! xx


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