Vlogger Products And Ranges: Why I'm Over It Already (Before It's Barely Started)

For the past god-knows-how-long we consumers have been inundated with celebrity endorsed products. While it has been notoriously seen within the beauty industry, our celeb-obsessed society means that this marketing is seen in many-a-field; from insurance, to food and fashion, every advert seems to feature a very familiar face. Sticking a celebrity's face on the poster for your product was a sure-seller for a long time; just look at the perfume market and count how many pointless Z-listers have their own fragrance out. Lately, it seems, our fast-moving industry and constant desire for more in this day and age means that your more commonly known celeb is being rivalled by a new breed of endorsement; the vlogger.


Model Co Volumeyes: My New Favourite All-Round Mascara

After having a little trichotillomania splurge a couple of months ago, my eyelashes have finally grown back (YEY!). As I'm sure any other sufferer will know, when you have that glorious feeling of lashes again, you immediately run to your mascara stash and start coating your lashes with oodles of the product...just because you can. As such, I've now had the chance to try out all the fully-sealed mascaras I've accumulated and put them to the test. During this exciting process of perfecting my newly-found flutter, I discovered this Model Co mascara which I picked up as a freebie with Glamour magazine. Despite getting to grips with old favourites such as Roller Lash and Maybelline's Lash Sensational, Model Co's Volumeyes has crept its way up to the number one spot.

model co volumeyes mascara review


Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner: The First Eyeliner I Ever Used (And Still Love To This Day)

I have acquired quite a collection of eyeliners over the years as I've relentlessly splashed my cash in search for the best product to give me that faultless, bold, dark cat flick look. From felt tip liners, to gel formulas such as Benefit's They're Real, while many have become dearly loved, none have surpassed my adoration for this budget, basic eyeliner. Collection are fantastic for dupes, trying out something a bit different without burning a hole in your pocket, and just discovering some bloody good bargain products. Their Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner definitely falls into this last category; despite searching high and low for another product to rival it, I always come running back to this beautiful work of art.

collection fast stroke liquid eyeliner beauty favourite


How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

With summer well and truly here (yes, despite the drizzle it is the end of July), the holidays are booked, the swimwear is coming out and those stylish sunnies are being donned. Not only are sunglasses vital to protect your peepers from harmful UV rays, the versatile accessories can also make a mahoosive fashion statement. Trying on sunglasses can be a pain in the backside, as you try your best pout with hundreds before deciding on the perfect pair that complements your face beautifully. Well, I've teamed up with SmartBuyGlasses to make that process a little easier, breaking down in simple terms how to find the best pair of sunnies to suit your particular face shape. Hoorah!

sunglasses to suit each face shape


Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Serum: Overnight Radiance In A Bottle

Simply adding a serum to your skincare routine can make the world of difference. Packed full of higher concentrated active ingredients than your other skin products, serums help to penetrate deep within the layers of your skin to inject a quick-fix burst of goodness. They can slot seamlessly between your toner and moisturiser, so much so that there really is not reason to use one! Having secured a million hours of overtime lately, my lack of sleep is impacting on my skin; dullness and tiredness has completely taken over my complexion. For the past few weeks, I've been turning to this Estee Lauder illuminating serum to help bring me back a bit of much-needed glow to my skin, but is it's £40 pricetag really justified?

estee lauder idealist even skintone illuminator serum


That Time I Graduated...

Hey everyone! Just another quick life update to announce to you all that I have officially graduated! Myself, my fellow history students, and the departments of philosophy and art history all took to the Brighton Dome on Monday afternoon to walk across a stage for five seconds and shake someone's hand to formally become Sussex University graduates. The ceremony was actually full of far less pomp and boredom than I had imagined, and it was an amazing day.


Superdrug Tea Tree Range: The Budget Spot-Busters For A Clearer Complexion

There are few products, whether make-up or skincare, that I have stuck by from day one. From my very first discovery of make-up and realisation that my skin needs to be looked after, I have always hunted out new, exciting products that'll change my life once and for all. I can count on one hand the products that I have used since the start and have a very special relationship with them; they're the ones that have been there amongst your beauty collection every step of the way. One range of products (and one specific product in particular) is the Superdrug Tea Tree range. They are a great, budget skincare alternative that I'm sure will become a staple in your beauty routine too.

superdrug tea tree spot stick review


Bondi Sands: Is The Australian Wonder-Tan Really Worth The Hype?

I suffer from a horrible illness called #PaleGirlProblems. I don't tan. At all. I spent 10 days soaking up the rays on sunny Greek islands and left with no tan lines to show off. Because of my inability to go any other shade than 'pale white', I have often ventured into options which allow me to fake it; from spray tans at a salon, to moisturisers with built-in gradual tan. Spray tans have been the only option that have really made a difference to my skin tone, but I can't really afford to splash out on the luxury of having a golden glow for a few weeks when that money could pay the bills instead. As such, I picked up the new cult product, Bondi Sands home spray tan, in hope that this DIY option would be the solution I've been looking for.

bondi sands tan review


Following LBQ's ASA Revolution: Blogs, Declaration, And Why It Matters

You might have heard the recent furore about the ASA and declaring sponsored posts in the blogosphere recently. Led by fellow beauty blogger and cousin, Hayley, from London Beauty Queen, the issues around following ASA regulations have become far more evident, and frankly, incredibly eye-opening. It has become clear that as the ASA's guidelines surrounding blogging are still sitting in a relatively grey legal area, bloggers are taking it upon themselves to self-regulate to ensure they maintain a level of transparency with their readers. But it really shouldn't have to be this way.


Blog Criticism: How To Handle Gobshites

It's inevitable in this day and age; if you put something online, there is going to be someone who disagrees with it. Whether it's 'trolls' or just those who disagree with a view point, the rapid expansion of social media means that it's easier than ever to be a 'keyboard warrior'- hiding behind a laptop facilitates a new generation of soapboxers and insulters. People don't need to slag someone off to their face- why take that risk when you can do it anonymously from the comfort of your own three-seater sofa with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio by your side?! When running a blog- a channel where you are constantly putting yourself and your opinions out there for the world to see- you are bound to run into the dreaded HATERZ at some point. It's a fact of life. But the part you do have control over is how you respond to them. Here's some advice from my personal experience...


MUA Sweet Sheen: The £2 Tinted Lip Balm That's As Good As It's Pricier Rivals

For me, tinted lip balms are just perfect for summer. Instead of wearing a heavy lipstick or sticky gloss, wacking on a bit of tinted balm when you're out and about is an absolute lifesaver. It requires minimal effort, is incredibly low maintenance, but produces just the right amount of colour you need to make an impact. There are tonnes of tinted lip balms out there, from high-end Benefit and Bare Minerals, to much more affordable Max Factor, but finding one which gives you a vaguely strong colour for a decent amount of time is actually quite difficult. While the brands mentioned above all have fab lip balms, not everyone can afford their relatively hefty pricetag. This is where MUA steps in with a fantastic dupe for only £2...

mua sweet sheen tinted lip balm review


Clearista Retexturising Gel: The Daily Exfoliant For Smoother, Glowing Skin

Who doesn't dream of having perfectly clear, smooth, radiant skin? While some are naturally blessed with the skin of our dreams, most of us have to work hard and carefully select the products we put onto our face to make sure in order to get the same results. Managing a good skincare routine is key in achieving perfect skin. From cleansing and toning, to exfoliating and moisturising, each step provides essential benefits which help reduce the appearance of ageing, leave your skin blemish-free and aid the application of make-up. Looking after your skin is incredibly important; people often forget that it needs to be cared for like any other organ in your body. Clearista have devised this wonderful Retexturing Gel to help you on your way to beautiful skin.

clearista retexturising gel review


Trichotillomania: Drawing Eyebrows On From Scratch (And The Best Products To Use)

Not having eyebrows is hard work. Having to set your alarm half an hour early every morning just to set time aside for drawing them on is incredibly irritating (I'd much rather have the time in bed). Not only is it time-consuming- especially if they refuse to go right first time-, but it is disheartening, tedious and bloody difficult. Having to guess your natural shape and try and make them look like you haven't drawn them on with a sharpie is such hard work, and a task I'm still getting my head around despite having been stuck in this routine for about 5 or 6 years. This post is all about the best ways to draw your brows on naturally; from shape, to products and techniques, this is your bumper guide to trichotillomania brows.

brow products for trichotillomania

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