Review: Dr Pawpaw's Multi Purpose Soothing Balms

If there's one thing I love, it's a good multi-functional beauty product. Not only do they give you an extra 10 minutes in bed, but can save oodles of space in your make-up bag (not to mention saving you money!). Dr Pawpaw is one of these products that have many uses; the balm can help temporarily soothe dry patches of skin, provide some glossy moisture to lips, be used as a makeshift cuticle oil and also provide a hint of tint to cheeks (and this isn't the end to its uses!). Their multi purpose soothing balms are something I have heard a lot about but never tried out for myself. Although they aren't a product I find myself constantly turning to, I have found they are a good beauty item to keep in your handbag for when emergency chapped lips strike.


Applying False Lashes: To Tweeze or Not To Tweeze?

For the past 8 years, I've been wearing false eyelashes to cover up signs of the fact that I have no real ones of my own. Trichotillomania has left me bald for pretty much all of my life, so when I discovered false lashes, it gave me a glimpse of hope that I could perhaps, for the first time, look normal again. As with all new beauty techniques, it takes a long time to perfect a skill- and after all this time I'm still far from being a pro at applying the falsies! However, practise makes perfect, as they say, and over time you will try new things and new ways of applying which will eventually lead to you finding styles and methods you are most comfortable with. In all beauty tutorials, the gurus always use tweezers to apply their lashes. This was a foreign concept for me, as I grew comfortable with applying them with my fingers. So which method really is better for applying them to bald lids?


INSTA GIRL: Primark Beauty Just Got Instagrammable

Primark isn't your usual place to go beauty shopping. It's great for picking up a bargainous outfit, but when it comes to make-up, it's not the first place you think of. However, I have tried a few bits and pieces over the years and have come to love some of it (namely their false nails, false eyelashes- which are surprisingly good- and nail varnish remover pots). Although they have their standard PS Love beauty range, Primark have just released a new collection which is oh so instagrammable...the Insta Girl range. Although I'm unsure about the concept for this (I for one hate the Instagram / blogger cliches that the range capitalises on), the makeup pieces that it has produced are pretty darn cute.


Birthday Beauty Treats

Thursday 9th March marked my 23rd birthday. I don't want this post to come across as braggy in any way, like a 'look at all of these wonderful gifts, I'm so spoilt' type of post. However, I received a few beauty-related gifts that I am so excited about, and whilst I throw myself into trying each and every one of them out, I wanted to give you guys an insight into what will probably be making its way onto this site in more detail soon. Kind of like a 'these are super pretty, here's a glimpse into what's to come' post, rather than a brag as to how many gifts I received. Anyway, my friends and family clearly know me far too well, as most things I got were beauty items that I've been lusting over for a while. Here are a few things the beauty addict in me is jumping up and down about...


Neutrogena CC Cream: The Lightweight Base That's Perfect For Everyday Wear

When I moved house back in December, I had a huge clear out of all of the rubbish I have accumulated in Brighton over the past four years. Old uni fancy dress wear was chucked, outdated accessories left behind, and an overhaul of my make-up collection ensued. Having a make-up addiction, a mum that hands everything down and a beauty blogger cousin means that my collection of beauty goodies can get quite large and needs clearing out regularly; most things don't see light as I stick to my tried and tested favourites, meaning I often miss some absolute gems that are hidden in my stash. One of these gems is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear CC Cream. I would not think of this brand if I wanted a base product, as it's definitely a company better known for their face washes! However, my judgement was wrong and I've now been wearing this almost every day for the past month!


Kiss Blooming Lash Collection: A Review For Trichotillomania

Having had no eyelashes for pretty much all of my life, I like to think that by now I'm a bit of a connoisseur of false lashes. Although I have given up wearing them on a day to day basis (let's face it, in an office no-one cares if you have eyelashes or not), I still think they are a great way of not only covering up signs of hair loss but also preventing pulling; if you go to pull your eyelashes you'll end up taking the whole false lash strip off so it works quite well as a deterrent! One of the first brands I dabbled in when I initially discovered the beauty of false lashes was Kiss. Their lashes transformed how I saw trichotillomania and how the disorder made me feel- for the first time I actually felt like a normal human being with natural-looking eyelashes. Their (relatively) new 'Blooming Lash' collection could be another life-changing range for those with hair loss. Here's why...

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