The Freedom Colour Corrector Palette That'll Have You Concealing Like A Pro

Concealer palettes seem to be a new trend in the beauty world, with brands from high-end to high-street releasing their own collection of colours. Budget brands such as Kiko, MUA, Sleek and Make-up Revolution have all released their own version of the colour correction palette, and now it's Freedom's turn. A brand created by the people who also started everyone's favourite dupe-giver, Make-Up Revolution, Freedom aims at making professional products affordable to everyday guys and gals, and they've sure created a winner with this concealer kit!

Packed with 6 different shades, this kit targets specific colour woes in order to help you get the most flawless base possible. I usually use a standard cream concealer and have often despaired that my blemishes still look quite red, or my dark circles haven't quite been disguised. This is where a palette like this comes in handy. Each colour has it's own function;

Yellow: Great for banishing dark circles
Lilac: Brightens up any dullness
Green: Counteracts redness
Pink: Everyday concealing
Brown: Everyday concealer for darker skintones (or super subtle contour for lighter skintones)
White shimmer: Use as a subtle highlighter

Aside from the fabulous range of colours to suit your every need, the palette is actually of a very good quality. The formulae feel quite oily and light to touch, making me think that they would barely conceal anything once on my face. However, the concealers melt into your skin beautifully and give just the right amount of coverage. You can layer the colours up really easily (eg. using the yellow and lilac on the under-eye area) without risking your make-up looking cakey. The only downside to these is that they can feel a bit chalky, so be careful if you suffer from dry skin or have any blemishes that are healing as it could cling to them.

Overall, I totally love the surge of concealer palettes that are coming out. This Freedom one is great quality for only £5; they're fun to play around with and provide really professional results. I suffer from redness on my nose and chin and am so happy that I've finally found an easy way to conceal it...all with simple colour correcting! The palette is easy to pop into your handbag for top-ups, although I do wish they explained which colour does what on the packaging as it would make life a little bit easier!

What do you think of these colour correcting palettes? Which ones have you tried out?

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  1. This is such a good price I am really impressed, I always wanted to know what each colour was for as well as I am clueless ;) xxx

    1. Same! I had do research it before I wrote this post as it doesn't say the use of each colour on the packaging xxx


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