Trichotillomania: Things We're Sick Of Hearing

As with many other illnesses which few people have heard of or know much about, ignorance and blase comments come with the everyday struggles of having trichotillomania. Sometimes, these little hurtful comments can be the most difficult aspect of the illness to deal with; an aspect which you have no control over. Learning to deal with the frustrating comments and questions from friends, family and strangers is just another stage of coping with trichotillomania in your life. Here are some examples of things which have been said to me in the past- I would love to hear some of yours too!

1. Why don't you just stop?

2. Why do you do it in the first place? 
If I knew, maybe I wouldn't do it. 

3. Does it not hurt?
Well, no. If it hurt, I'd stop.

4. You look funny without make-up
Thanks for the confidence boost.

5. It's just a habit, you'll grow out of it. 
17 years and still waiting...

6. Don't worry, I used to bite my fingernails when I was younger. That's the same kind of thing, right?
Yeaaaahhh, sure. 

7. You pull what out? That's SOOOO weird!
Good to know I'm not the abnormal human being that I thought I was. 

8. What if they never grow back?
Finally, some positivity in my life.

9. I don't get why you're so upset, it's only hair. 

10. I hate it when girls draw their eyebrows on and wear false lashes, it's so fake.
How would you disguise the fact that you have no eyelashes or eyebrows then?

Have you had anything like this said to you? I'd love to hear your stories!



  1. When I was 14 my hair started falling out randomly (my body doesn't like me very much) and I half my eyebrows were gone too so I had to draw them on and people kept telling me it was so weird and didn't look good, it's the most annoying thing!

    1. It's horrible, you become so paranoid about it too!

  2. I know I can't relate exactly so this is probably another annoying thing to be said haha but I used to get a lot of hate for having to fill in my eyebrows a lot and wearing false lashes from the extreme hair loss I suffered, I used to wear loads of wigs when I started blogging and I don't think people knew why so I got a lot of hate. Why are other illnesses the more widely known ones ok not to criticise but when it comes to something you are going through ok for people to make comments? People just have no understanding sometimes, and I think that's the problem sometimes hun ! xxx

    1. Exactly! When people bitch about how badly eyebrows are drawn on I always think, what if they're drawn on for a reason, because they have an illness? So frustrating! xxx

  3. My Father used to be the worst offender about saying rude things to me. Esp when I was having a good period where I had all my eyelashes and eyebrows, he would always comment like "You look normal for once!"

    Thanks Dad.

    1. Oh no, that's horrible. A little understanding goes a long way! x

  4. UGH, what ignorant dumbasses! I can relate to number 4, number 9 and number 10. Not that I am saying I have trichotillomania, but people can be really mean.

    Especially when it is something that they don't understand, they have such a low sense of human empathy and seem to talk without thinking sometimes.

    I once had an old 'friend' who and said I look like a cancer victim without my eyebrows on.

    I think you are stunning have you have lovely eyebrows and gorgeous hair! :) xxxxxxx

    1. god I really should proof read my comments

      *I once had an old 'friend' who said I look like a cancer victim without my eyebrows on.

    2. Oh my god, I'm glad they are an 'old' friend and not a current one! I get so defensive about eyebrows, haha! Thank you lovely :) xxxxx


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