Betty Lou, Brighton: The Vegan Salon That's Perfect For Vintage Lovers

Just traipse around Brighton for five minutes and you'll realise one thing: this is a town completely obsessed with all things retro. This expression and love for anything quirky, kitsch and vintage has moved from being reserved for subcultures to exploding into Brighton's mainstream culture. There are shops brimming with retro clothes, jumble sales filled with quirky hand-me-down accessories, and restaurants aimed at giving you that 1950s experience. Now, Betty Lou helps to add to this vintage-fest with their 1950s/1060s inspired salon.


The Best Italian Restaurant In Brighton? A Yelp Event At Al Duomo

Italian restaurants can easily get a bit same-y; many of the well-known high-street chains have menus which offer little variance and service which makes you feel forgotten on a busy Saturday evening. Brighton has plenty of restaurants and cafes to offer to the point where you are so spoilt for choice, the decision of where to eat gets even harder to make. Classic Italian restaurants are two a penny in this town, but there is one which I truly believe stands out from the crowd; Al Duomo. Situated right next to the Pavilion Gardens, a beautiful tourist hot-spot, this restaurant is central enough to pop in after a day of beaching or shopping, yet still somehow tucked away so as to offer you a bit of evening respite.


CONVERTED! The Tropic Eyebrow Stencils Which Will Help Hair Loss Sufferers

Having to draw on eyebrows from scratch everyday is pretty difficult, let alone frustrating and time-consuming. With big, perfectly groomed brows continuing to be a huge beauty trend, more of us are turning to easier, more efficient ways to achieve that flawless 'Instagram brow'. Whether you chose pencils, powder or tints, there's no doubt that a little shaping guidance can be a massive help in the mornings when you're desperately trying to avoid drawing your brows on wonky. Brow stencils could be your beauty solution; it may seem simple, but after being previously disappointed by the brow tools, these Tropic stencils have definitely converted me and changed my morning routine.

tropic natural brow stencils set


The Perfect Gift For False Lash Lovers? NEW 'Hollywood Glamour' Themed Sets By Eylure

It's no secret that I adore false lashes. They have helped to boost my confidence through my open battle with trichotillomania, but are far more than just a simple cover-up. The market for false lashes has expanded so much in the past few years, so much so that they are no longer just seen as a volumous, indulgent addition to your eye make-up on a night out. Designs are now suitable for everyday wear, and there are so many different styles that they have certainly become an accessory in themselves. If you don't know where to start, however, these new sets from Eylure may help you on your way. Themed around 'Hollywood Glamour', the box of three pairs of lashes really do provide something for everyone.


Dior J'Adore Touche De Parfum: The Innovative Oil For Fragrance Lovers

The world of fragrance is an ever-expanding environment, filled with scent experiments and combinations and and ground-breaking designs. Brands are constantly going the extra mile to come up with something a little bit different- something that'll turn heads within the industry and make perfume something other than a pretty bottle of nice smelling liquid. Dior have done just this with their innovative Touche de Parfum fragrance oil. Created by Francois Demachy, Dior claim that this new product provides "a new olfactory and sensory experience". Is this more than just another fragrance?

dior touche de parfum review


6 Non-Cosmetic Ways To Boost Hair Growth

Hair is important to us. Whether you may realise it or not, many of us are lost without it; it can be a comfort blanket, a small way in which we express our identity. Therefore, hair loss can be far more than a physical experience. With the baldness comes a plethora of feelings- emotional complexities such as shame, guilt, and distress. While many of you may know that I speak a lot about trichotillomania, it is important to note that it isn't, of course, the only form of hair loss. Hair loss can be experienced by anyone for a number of different reasons. But did you know you can take steps to actively reduce this loss or make hair grow back faster? Whether you are suffering from baldness (head, eyelashes and eyebrows, to name a few places), or simply want to boost the growth of your barnet, here are some easy steps you can take to achieve that without having to turn to cosmetic treatments.


Confusing and Hypocritical? The Difference Between Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty

Today's guest post is written by the lovely Helen Burdett. In light of our beauty-buying habits becoming increasingly informed in the ways of animal testing, Helen discusses the differences between labels such as Cruelty Free, Vegan and Vegetarian; can a lipstick that uses animal by-products really be considered cruelty free? Can a brand be cruelty free despite its ownership by a renowned animal-testing business? There's far more to it that you'd think...

The hypocrisy of ‘Cruelty Free’ labelling is something that has bothered me for a long time. While, yes, a labelled product is free from animal testing and certain types of cruelty, the irony is that a product can be deemed cruelty free while still containing ingredients that an animal was killed for. One of the most common examples of this is Carmine; a product of boiling dried Cochineal beetles to extract carminic acid. Not something that sounds cruelty free but nevertheless found in Cruelty Free labelled lipsticks, glosses and blush. The fact that a company can label a product as free from cruelty, with a certified label to boot, when an animal, even one as seemingly insignificant as a beetle, has died for it, is, to me at least, extremely misleading.


NEW YSL Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain Shades (With Matching Matte Nail Varnishes!)

It's not everyday I get excited about the fact a lipstick is available in some extra colours, but YSL's Glossy Stains are definitely the exception to the rule. (Don't get me wrong, I pee my pants with excitement about new range launches, but colour extensions are usually a bit meh). YSL's Pop Water range stole my heart the moment they launched, with the unusual-shaped applicator and long-lasting wow-factor, and I can assure you that the new 4 shades are equally as fabulous. As if the new additions to an already-fantastic range wasn't enough, each shade has its own matching MATTE nail varnish to top off your Autumn/Winter beauty look.


Why Being Open About Trichotillomania Was The Best Thing I've Ever Done

You may (or may not) be aware that I re-started this site last year in order to not only bring some focus to my life, but also to openly discuss a mental health disorder from which I have suffered for 18 years- trichotillomania. For all this time, the hair-pulling impulse disorder had taken over my life, leaving me bald, ashamed and struggling with an incredibly low self-esteem. Whilst writing about the illness has by no means cured me (I still go through good and bad patches like all other sufferers), it has opened up a new positive relationship with my disorder which I had never before experienced. Here's how.


5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That I Swear By

Welcome to the first of many new posts on my new feature on vegan / cruelty-free beauty! There will be a new post either every week or every other week, so keep 'em peeled! Today, myself and Helen (who will be helping out with the new feature) have racked our brains (mainly hers- I'm still not sure if I even have one) and have come up with our 5 favourite beauty products which are totally cruelty-free. The brands here are vegan or vegetarian, so hopefully there is something for everyone and will reassert the fact that you can have amazing beauty products without having to test on or harm our animal friends.

5 best vegan beauty products makeup


Joseph's Wigs: The Wig Experts That Have All Your Hair Loss Troubles Covered

Experiencing hair loss can be a terrifying time. Whether it happens through disorders such as trichotillomania, as a side effect of chemotherapy, or as a result of alopecia, the impact on the sufferer's self-esteem and confidence is the same. It's relatively well-known that wigs can be the solution to this hair loss dilemma, but they are often associated with fake-looking, itchy, old-fashioned styles which puts many people off turning to them. Joseph's Wigs is one company who ditches this stereotype by offering an extensive range of high-end, high-quality wigs.

josephs wigs review human hair

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