Tattoo Taboo

Nowadays, tattoos are not a rare sight. Everyone knows someone who has one; it has been reported that 1 in 5 adults in the USA and Britain have a tattoo. So why are they still looked down upon as being a taboo-like topic? As an owner of two small tattoos myself, I have been asked numerous times: 'What about when you look for a job?' 'What will your employers think?' Should these questions be appropriate for this day and age?


Posh Pout

Since Clinique brought out their Chubby Stick lip balms, many cheaper brands have tried to recreate the product. One of these is BeautyUK. I'm quite a big fan of this brand; I have used a few of their nail polishes in my posts and they compete really well with some of the more expensive brands. The same can be said for their 'Posh Pout' lip balm.


An Insane Amount Of Cuteness

This post is neither cake, spa or beauty related. It is so much better. I thought it would be nice if we all took a five minute pause in our day to appreciate the beauty/brilliance/amazingness of these photos.

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