Banoffee Pie

It's not often I make big family puddings, but the other day I thought I'd treat my family to a banoffee pie. The diet had been wavering for a few days so we thought we'd make the most of calorific treats before we went back to being good. Banoffee pie is one of the simplest puddings to make with a only a handful of steps and ingredients involved. The biscuit base, rich, sweet caramel and whipped cream topping means that it's not the healthiest of puds, but one of indulgence- great for the family or if you have people round for dinner.


Gadi 21 Minerals: Nail Set

Winter does no good for our skin. Throughout the cold months, almost everyone experiences the dreaded dry hands and brittle nails which split at every opportunity given. Over the festive season, my mum received this lovely Gadi 21 Minerals nail buffing set, and we were both dying to try it out. The company often have stalls set up in shopping centres, and we had both seen demonstrations using the buffer which resulted in gleaming, perfect nails. Whether we would be capable of replicating these results, however, was a different matter.

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