Hardships of Trichotillomania: Not Having Eyebrows Is Actually Quite Tough

Despite the fact that I have pulled out my eyelashes for the past 18 years of my life (I am 21), I have found that my eyebrow pulling has physically affected the most. Maybe it a case of having adjusted to my long-term struggle with my eyelashes, compared to still having to adapt to my 5 year struggle with eyebrows. Either way, I have found that eyelash-pulling has been far, far easier to cover up than eyebrow hair loss, which is one of the main reasons why I see it as my main nemesis. It is so swiftly glossed over by most people who have never suffered from hair loss, and while I usually focus on the ignorance surrounding the emotional impact of hair loss, today the physical effects get their time in the limelight.


The Best Thai In Brighton: The Giggling Squid

Stewart and I always try to go out for dinner once every few weeks for 'date night', but we always seem to end up going to the same places (usually Italian) that we know are safe bets and will be cheap. It's difficult to find somewhere in Brighton that isn't massively touristy, a well-known chain, or attaching ridiculous prices to their dishes, so I turned to Twitter for a bit of help. After asking for recommendations, I was greeted, pretty unanimously, with 'The Giggling Squid'. Having never heard of this unusually named Thai place, I conferred with my colleagues only to be reassured that it's an incredible restaurant. It was confirmed- we were going to the Giggling Squid.


Getting Festive! Christmas Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers (For All Budgets)

It's that time of the year: festive songs are being played in shops, mince pies are being stocked in supermarkets, and your thoughts turn to the dreaded task of Christmas shopping. It's a part of Christmas that most people dread, but not me- I'm one of those weirdos that start their planning their Christmas shopping in September! Having written endless plans and lists of potential gift ideas for relatives (organisation is key in such a tremendous task), I thought I would do the job for you and compile a list of the best beauty buys that have started arriving in stores for Christmas. Whether they serve as Christmas gifts ideas for family, friends, or a little treat to yourself (go on, you deserve it), here are some of the best beauty gift sets available these holidays for all budgets.


Man's Best Friend: Maggie and Finlay Try Out PetShop.co.uk

Today's post is a little different. It is far cuter than my regular content, so prepare for your hearts to be melted. My two pups, Maggie and Finlay, were lucky enough to be sent some food and treats by PetShop.co.uk, further confirming that a dog's life is indeed very comfortable and glamourous. While it seems straight-forward enough, these two Golden Retrievers are very fussy when it comes to their dinner (I have had to offer Finlay a whole menu before so he can decide what he fancies). These pooches can't be won over by any old treats- they have to live up to the high standards set by these pampered pups. So, when the box of goods arrived at their door, Finlay and Maggie were intrigued to see what exactly was inside.


Amazing Lipsticks For The Festive Season: Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer (Free With Glamour!)

I rarely buy magazines nowadays, but when I saw that Glamour were dishing out free Clinique goodies with the purchase of their December issue I just couldn't resist indulging in the glossy mag. With this issue, you have a choice of four things; a daily moisturiser, mascara or two Pop Lip colours. I've had my eye on Clinique's Pop Lip range since they first launched, and after much umm-ing and ahh-ing, decided not to splash out. Seeing their collaboration with Glamour, then, filled me with much money-saving delight! It turns out I was right to eye up these gorgeous lipsticks as they are an amazing burst of high quality colour.


Get The Recipe: Easy Oreo Cupcakes

Who doesn't like cake? Who doesn't like Oreo or chocolate in general? Not many people, which makes this recipe extra-exciting to post! I'm a massive chocoholic, and Oreo flavoured things are just the best thing on earth, so combining this within a cake recipe is a fantastic thing for my taste buds. What's even better is that this recipe is so easy to follow; they may look like chocolate cupcakes with a fancy upgrade, but they are just as simple to make. While this recipe tops off the cakes with a cream cheese frosting, you can opt for buttercream if you prefer- I find that cream cheese does lighten the flavour of an otherwise heavy chocolate cake though. So, enough ramble, here's the recipe you've been waiting for...


The Best 3 Places To Buy Vegan Beauty

Today's guest post is by Helen Burdett and is all about her favourite places to buy vegan beauty. Enjoy!

Finding vegan make up in the UK can be a massive challenge. Researching vegan make up brands reveals many in the US but far less in the UK or even that mail here without extortionate shipping costs. Just last night I spent over an hour trying to find a mineral foundation sold by a vegan brand that I could buy in a shop in order to test shades. I was unsuccessful and eventually ordered some travel sized samples from Barefaced Beauty. So on that note, I thought I would share my top three vegan brands easily available in the UK. 


NEW! Fleur De Force For Eylure: The False Eyelashes I'm Pleasantly Suprised By

I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to celebrity/vlogger/blogger beauty ranges. We have already seen a few examples of where any old product is created with disregard to its quality, but as soon as a famous name is attached to it, the product flies out of the shop window, leaving many fans and customers bitterly disappointed. First, it was celebrity perfume ranges. Now, the power of bloggers is infiltrating our beauty market (you can read my post about the saga here). When Fleur de Force launched her collection with false lash giants, Eylure, I rolled my eyes and thought 'not another vlogger range'. However, after picking up a pair to try out for myself, I have been forced to eat my words; her range is pleasantly surprising.


Re-Vamped! Batiste's New Stylist Range Put To The Test (I'm A Little Bit In Love)

With Christmas parties starting to lurk on the horizon, there are outfits to be picked out, festive accessories to be donned, and beauty looks to be considered. It's all well having the perfect dress to wear to those December social festivities, but if you don't have to beauty part matched, the look just isn't complete. Most will probably go for smoky eyes, red lipstick or gold nail varnish, but what about your hair 'do? Luckily, you won't be having to spend an absolute fortune on your barnet this season, as hair giants, Batiste, have you covered with their new(ish) styling range.


Why The 'Attention-Seeking' Label Needs To Stop Within Mental Health

If you ask people why they don't talk about their mental health, their silence will be for one reason: fear of their illness being fobbed off by others. The stigma that has been created around mental health illness never originated from the sufferers themselves, but rather their peers telling them that they are being silly, overexaggerating and that they should simple 'get over it'. Because mental health illnesses are invisible in comparison to, say, a broken arm, there is always an air of doubt whenever you start a discussion around it. Supposedly, there is no proof. How can we believe these people when they have nothing to show for their illness? It is this attitude which leads to may sufferers being called attention-seekers, and this approach needs to stop.

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