The Book Of Mormon: The Show You Need To See

You may have seen on Twitter or Instagram last week that I popped to London to see a show with my boyfriend. Tickets to the Book of Mormon were his birthday present from me; it's a show we have both wanted to see for ages, so last Thursday, we finally got to go! After strolling around Leicester Square in the sun for a while, we mooched to the Prince of Wales theatre (which is right by Leicester Square and the station) to see the matinee performance of The Book of Mormon.


Cheesecake Brownie Recipe: The Classic Favourite With a Twist

I think this may be the 6,295th brownie recipe I've posted on this blog (statistic may or may not be accurate), but the main reason for that is because I bloody love them. A gooey chocolate brownie...isn't that every chocaholic's dream?! While I've posted about brownies of the gooey, more cakey, and also slimming sort (yes, they exist), this recipe combines two of our favourite desserts: chocolate brownie AND cheesecake. Finally, will this post be *the* brownie recipe to end all brownie recipes?!


The 5 Products That I Just Can't Live Without

It used to be a regular question thrown about in Twitter chats amongst beauty bloggers; if you were stranded on a desert island, which beauty product would you take with you? For most (including myself), it would be extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one product. However, while I'm a sucker for buying into all the new make-up launches under the sun, I still have my set few products which I always end up returning to. It's these products, the ones that you find yourself re-purchasing over and over again, which are the ones you'll find that you just cannot live without. Here are the five products that I never want to see leaving my side...


6 Things You Learn When You Move House

Moving house is both an enlightening and extremely stressful process. All your life belongings get packed away, the cleaning products become the main feature as you scrub your house ready for the new tenants, and your money is drained into a new deposit/early rent payment. You officially check out of your house, faced with the thought of a new bunch of strangers lounging around where you used to call home. Nostalgia hits you before being mixed with the excitement of all the new wonderful memories you will make in your new home. It's a strange combination of emotions, and along with all the boxes you learn quite a lot during the home-switching process...



Let's Talk About: Blogging For Freebies

If there's anything everyone on the planet has in common, it's how we love getting sh*t for free. A bargain makes us smile, but a freebie sends us over the moon with a joyful sense of accomplishment. But when you're embarking on a career, hobby or journey simply to accumulate as many free items as possible, this is where I have an issue. It seems as the world of blogging and vlogging expands, with new blogs appearing every day, people's reasons for starting a website of their own can begin to seem dubious. Blogging shouldn't be about the free sh*t, but for some, it seems that gifts are the only reason for joining this world.


Natural Eyelashes With Eylure: An Easy Way To Cover Hair Loss

I've tried my fair amount of false eyelashes in my time. Having trichotillomania has meant that I've forever been on the lookout for a fabulous fake flutter to disguise my own lack of eyelashes. Eylure were the very first set of false eyelashes I tried, aged about 15. Back then, Eylure were pretty much the only brand to turn to. Since falsies have exploded into the beauty market, there are so many different brands and styles to choose from. I've fallen in love with Kiss, had a brief affair with Primark, and also discovered Tanya Burr and the Vintage Cosmetic Company. But, since their re-brand and launch of a huge range of varying styles, I've found myself crawling back to Eylure.


HEMA: The Dutch Beauty Brand You NEED To Know About

Discovering new brands is so much fun, oui? From soaking in all the KIKO sights when it first opened its store in Brighton, to finding professional/affordable brands such as Freedom, uncovering something a bit new and different keeps the beauty game refreshing. My colleague has always raved about KIKO and told me I should try a brand called 'HEMA'. I jotted the name down but never got round to researching. Lo and behold, on one of my boring commutes back to Brighton I came across one of these spectacular HEMA stores in London Victoria. To sum up, they sell pretty much everything and their make-up is amazing.



Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty Stash! Handy Storage Tips For Make-Up Lovers

Hands up, who loves make-up?! Hands up, who has way too much make-up and not enough space to store all this excess beauty that you'll probably never use?! Yep, my hand went up too. It comes to a point in a beauty lover's life where you stop, take a look around your bedroom/bathroom and think, 'how on earth have I accumulated this much crap?'. I had this epiphany recently as I was moving house. Packing everything up made me realise just how many lipsticks I had, and how rarely I used them. I'm always running out of places to store them, especially in places where I can see what I have; when make-up gets hidden, you forget you have it and it's out of date next time you look! So here are some handy storage tips that'll help you get the most out of that beauty stash.


YSL Black Opium: The 'Glam Rock' Perfume That I Can't Get Enough Of

I'm not a massive perfume snob, but I know that I tend to go for light floral scents. Heavy, sticky, sweet fragrances have never appealed to me, that was until I walked by the YSL counter in Boots, Brighton recently. Enticed by the glamourous yet endearing black bottle perched on their side counter, I wandered over for a quick sniff and haven't looked back since. Launched back in September 2014, Black Opium marked itself as the third release in YSL's 'Opium' range and their new fragrance is interesting and mysterious enough to keep you coming back for more.


I Took A Mini-Break From Blogging (And It Was A Fantastic Decision)

Once in a while, life gets a bit too much and you need to take a step back in order to focus on what is important to you. This could include slightly neglecting your hobbies, as more testing issues make themselves a priority and leave you little or no time to practice the things you love doing in your spare time. Unfortunately, a busy week forced me to put blogging to one side for the past week, but the time away from this site was actually refreshing!


My Issue With Motivational Mental Health Quotes

We all need a little encouragement from time to time. Whether it be a little pep-talk about getting that essay done, or a bigger kick up the bum telling you that you are strong and will beat depression, there's always a motivational saying floating around social media that'll give you that push along your way. I have no issue with most; I actually think a lot of them are a great way of inspiring others and helping your peers to be the best they can be. What I have an issue with is the sayings usually linked with mental health; more specifically, the ones which encourage a detachment from the disorder or illness. This post is just a little ramble about how 'motivational sayings' could potentially do more harm than good.

mental health quotes more harm than good

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