GOSH Nail Glitter

I love nail gimmicks, so this little pot of nail glitter from GOSH is ideal. It's such an easy way to jazz up your nails; dip one of your nails into the pot while it's still wet and you've got a statement nail. This GOSH glitter is far more simple and far less fiddly than other types of nail art, such as flimsy nail stickers or tiny nail gems, making it the perfect accessory to your nails.


Stawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

These little cupcakes are such a good idea if you have people over in the summer; they're sweet, indulgent but surprisingly light and fresh too. It's best to use fresh strawberries in the bottom of the case, then put the sponge mixture on top. The recipe makes about 12 cupcakes... plenty to go around!


Nail Art Gems

Alongside nail stickers, nail wraps and all the different effect nail varnishes now available within the nail art boom, there are nail gems. I always thought this was one of the more tackier versions of nail art, and quite look quite garish, but after trying them out I'm now a converted nail bling lover.


Marbled Cupcakes with Hazelnut Filling

For my one of my Dad's 50th birthday presents, I made him some fancy chocolate cupcakes. They are a chocoholic's idea of heaven, with the cake being a marbled mix of vanilla and chocolate sponge, with a gooey hazelnut chocolate core and chocolate butter cream icing on the top. These are so soft and gooey, and I should warn, incredibly more-ish. The recipe makes about 12 cupcakes. Chocolate overload?


No7 Essential Moisture

Before now, I'd never really been a big fan of Boots No7 products, particularly their skin products, thinking that they were quite basic for the money you pay. Instead, I'd often turned to cheaper alternatives which would do exactly the same job.

My mum, however, swears by them, and even if she tries different moisturisers she always ends up returning to the No7 range. Seeing as she has enviously clear, wrinkle-free skin, I thought maybe I'd give No7 a go.


Gooey Chocolate Cake

For my brother's sweet 16th birthday this year I made this lovely, rich chocolate cake. I never normally make chocolate cakes as they usually turn out too dry, but recipe was quite moist. I tried putting around 75-100g of mini marshmallows into the mixture to make it even more sweet and gooey but I'm not sure it made that much of a difference to the cake.


Viva España!

Yesterday, after an hour long ride on a Spanish bus at 4am which played a select playlist of cheesy, top-volume Europop, then hopping on a plane, I landed back in Blighty. Three friends and I booked a cheap holiday to Palamos in Spain a couple of months ago as a celebration of finishing our first year at university. Using up our budget of £200 after some smooth haggling with a holiday company, the 2nd of July soon came about and we boarded a plane to sunny Spain.

Waiting at the airport

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