Primark False Nails: Great Quality For A Quid

Since I was introduced to Elegant Touch nails by one of my friends, my obsession with false nails has somewhat been sparked. As I've mentioned recently, the product which has a reputation of damaging your nails has actually helped to cover up some self-induced dermotillomania damage and boost my confidence in the process. I'm very self conscious about my nails and cuticles, having compulsively picked at them for ages without thinking about the consequences (you can roughly see my odd thumb nail shape in the photos below). False nails have become a life-saver in disguising this, but I can't keep forking out for fancier branded nails. As a lover of cheap-and-cheerful Primark, I thought I'd try out there huge range of false nails to see what you really get for the £1 cost.


Why Having My Eyebrows Tattooed Has Made My Trichotillomania Worse

You might know that earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have my eyebrows tattooed by the wonderful Sian Deller. It was one of the best beauty experiences of my life (if not the best), and have not regretted it since. After deliberating for ages and weighing up the pros and cons about a thousand times, the opportunity presented itself in January and I took the plunge. I haven’t looked back. Although I love every single thing about them, I did want to write this post just to open the discussion with other trichotillomania sufferers who have had their eyebrows tattooed or are thinking about getting them done. Since having them tattooed, my hair pulling has been severely aggravated. I pick and pull at my eyebrows so much more than I did before and am aware that it has happened to a few other trichsters as well. So, is it still worth getting your eyebrows tattooed?


Blend Better! Pamper Therapy's Innovative Beauty Sponge That Rivals The Classics

You only have to watch a few beauty tutorials online to find that most make-up fanatics out there use the infamous Beauty Blender to create their flawless looks. Make-up sponges are nothing new, being used throughout history to help women perfect their foundation. The twentieth-century, particularly the 1930s onwards, saw the use of small triangular makeup sponges to help apply makeup, and the little sponges have been developing ever since. What was previously designed for one-time use (as per the bags of 20 sponges you could pick up in Boots) has evolved into a spectacular make-up applicator that has become far more technical than you would think. We are now familiar with little 'egg' or 'teardrop' shaped sponges that have been designed to perfectly buff our foundation, concealer and contour into our skin. Whilst many might stick with favourites from RealTechniques and the original Beauty Blender, Pamper Therapy have created a sponge which might rival both.


Ardell Natural False Eyelashes: The High Hopes That Just Didn’t Deliver

Having trichotillomania has sent me on a life-long quest to find the perfect pair of false eyelashes which can cover up my baldness effectively whilst remaining natural enough for me to pass the lashes off as my own. I’ve tried many a pair of false eyelashes in my short time, exploring different brands and styles to try and discover that ultimate trich saviour. One hugely popular brand that I have tried before but wasn’t overwhelmed by is Ardell; their professional, full sets of lashes have become favourites amongst beauty enthusiasts. It’s a brand I really want to love, so I gave them a second chance and bought these ‘naturals’ to try out. They look the part in the packet, but unfortunately, the high hopes I had for this style just didn’t deliver.


Is Blogging The Most Stressful Hobby?

When I started this blog in 2012, it was a creative outlet for me and something to focus my mind on over the summer. I'm not one to do 'nothing' with my time off; I get ants in my pants and need to constantly be doing something productive. Creating this blog was a way of satisfying my need to constantly be on the go. I love writing, and I have developed a passion for photography through having this blog, and also find the process of discussing trichotillomania rather therapeutic. Blogging is a hobby, but a hobby that also helps me personally (and hopefully helps others too)- and that's why I love it so much. However, as more and more sites become sleeker, more professional and more commerically-minded, there seems to be a pressure to 'keep up with the Jones'. As your site grows, you might become involved with brands and PRs, and as other sites grow, you might look to them and start questioning your own success. Either way, blogging has evolved into far more than just the hobby it used to be; it's become a competitive commercial world which is perhaps just another source of pressure and stress.


NEW! Benefit's Must-Have Goof Proof Brow Pencil (Free With ELLE!)

If there's one thing I can never have too much of, it's brow products. (And Golden Retrievers, obviously). Although recently having my eyebrows tattooed has eased the stress of creating perfect brows from scratch every morning, I still use a plethora of products over the tattoo to keep them looking as good as possible. Once hidden underneath foundation, my brow shade goes a little to light for my liking, so I usually use a trusty brow pencil to just quickly bolden up the colour. Despite being a bit set in my ways when it comes to brow products (I have my favourites and very much stick to them), when I saw Elle magazine giving away a little Goof Proof brow pencil with a purchase of this month's magazine, I couldn't resist indulging in change.


Katherine Daniels Cosmetics: Skincare Has Never Been So Simple

I know I harp on a lot about my dry skin flare-ups on here, but it is one of my biggest beauty woes and I feel as though I'm forever on a quest to find 'holy grail' skincare products for it! I first came across Katherine Daniels Cosmetics at the Professional Beauty Show in London (to which I went with the incredible Gweni from and, whilst they offer salon treatments, it was their range of skincare products which intrigued me. The British skincare experts have used their knowledge from these treatments to create products which have specific skincare woes in mind; their step-by-step product guides for each skin concern breaks everything down into easy, digestible chunks to really help you look after your skin well at home. Now there's no excuse not to look after your skin properly!


DinkiBelle: The Long-Wearing Nail Wraps You Need This Summer

As you might be able to tell from my Instagram, I'm getting very into doing my nails at the moment. When I started this site, it was actually supposed to be a place dedicated to nail art and the like, but it quickly developed into a much different being. I lost patience with nail art (something I developed a love for back in a school summer holiday), and found I just didn't have the time to faff around with tape and dotting tools. Whilst false nails are a great alternative, the glue can often damage your nails. Nail wraps, however, bring you wonderful nail art without having to dedicate 2 hours to the cause. What's more, these DinkiBelle nail wraps have to be the best ones I've ever tried; incredibly easy to apply, beautiful designs and astonishingly long-wearing.


From Daytime to Evening with NYX Lipsticks

Greetings, people of the internet. Just a quick post today as I'm in the middle of my law exams (uurrrrggghhh), but in four days time they will all be over (yaaaaay)! I recently left my job in retail to start my career within the world of law, and as a little leaving gift my colleague, Hannah (who is just the most amazing human being in the world- I post a lot of photos of her baking skills on my Instagram) bought me a collection of goodies, including these beautiful NYX lipsticks. We clearly spend too much time together, as she knows me well enough to pick out the most perfect shades- I couldn't have chosen better myself! These are great little lipsticks which can take you from day to night with ease without breaking the bank. No wonder so many people are raving about them!

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