Vegan Beauty: Inika Primer & Liquid Foundation

A while ago, I started a feature on vegan beauty (you can read all the posts so far here), and after taking a short break over Christmas, I'm back with loads of great products I want to share with you cruelty-free fans! First up is this Pure Primer and Liquid Foundation combo from Australian brand, Inika. Selling all kinds of beauty products, the ten year old brand ships worldwide and has a long list of credentials under its belt. This week, I'm putting their primer and liquid foundation to the test in order to show that vegan, organic products does not necessarily mean a compromise on quality.


Well Gel! My New Favourite Eyeliner From Elizabeth Arden (Plus The Cutest Brush EVER!)

Last month, as a lovely Christmas present, my mum and I flew to Jersey for a short, Channel Island holiday. Aside from visiting the zoo and spa, it's needless to say we spent most of our time shopping. Filled with department stores, we wondered in and out swooning at all the beauty products, before stumbling across Feel Unique on St Helier high street. We had found heaven. We rummaged through all of the Christmas bargains and deals, before I glimpsed this reduced pot of gorgeousness in the Elizabeth Arden clearance section. It was the last one left, it was down to a ridiculous price, I knew I had to have it. It is the best eyeliner I have ever used.


The Best Things In Life Are Three? The Soap & Glory Trio I've Fallen Head Over Heels For...

It's not Christmas without a Soap & Glory gift set of some sort, is it? This post is a bit overdue, as my wonderful mum got me this S&G trio for Christmas. However, I've been so wrapped up in actually using the products that I totally forgot to rave about them on this site. I know, what kind of blogger am I?! I am already a huge fan of Soap and Glory products; I use their Archery brow pencil everyday, adore their Supercat eyeliner, and simply cannot resist indulging myself in their body butters during these colder months. When I opened this beautiful little gift set on Christmas morning I knew my mum had got me sussed. The elegant box, topped with a present-appropriate bow, contains three products I had never tried before- a gold Thick & Fast mascara, Love at First Blush and a Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick in a gorgeous berry colour. It's safe to say I am in love with all three.


The Best False Eyelash Glue For Hair Loss Sufferers

It goes without saying that I am a bit obsessed with false eyelashes. I have been wearing them for about 5 or 6 years (basically since I realised I could get away with them at school) and have been on a long and often fruitful journey to find the perfect pair ever since. With so many designs to choose from, life becomes a little easier for those who suffer from hair loss; instead of putting up with baldness, you can stick on a pair of natural-looking false eyelashes and, a lot of the time, people won't even be able to tell that they are not yours. However, it's all well finding a good, natural design to pass off as your own (you can read a few of my favourites in this post here), but if the glue isn't strong enough to hold them down onto bald eyelids, the moment of finding your perfect pair is ruined.


Help:Clear Skin...An Easy Boost To A Brighter Complexion?

Firstly, happy new year to you all! Apologies for my absence, I am currently drowning in exams an am too busy swotting up on law to write regular posts (BOOOOO!). We are three weeks into 2016, and by now, most of you will have made your new year's resolutions and are on your way to acing them. One of my 2016 promises to myself was to take better care of my skin. As you may have read before on this site, I can suffer from really bad dry skin flare-ups, caused by anything from stress to a change in the weather. As such, I have decided to be proactive rather than reactive to my skin problems, and am trying to take simple steps in order to get my skin looking glowing and healthy once again. I am only 21, so I don't really want to be having to use a gazillion thick creams on my 'young' skin, so employing tactics such as changing my diet, drinking more water and taking some time out here and there to manage my stress-levels is going to be my alternative. With exams in full swing, despite my efforts I have had outbreaks of dryness and spots (which I rarely get), so I'm bringing in a new friend to help give my skin that little boost it desperately needs at the moment....Help: Clear Skin.

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