How Face Oils Saved My Skin

I've written quite a lot on this blog about products I've tried and tested to help with my dry skin flare-ups. My dry skin isn't really bad, but it's enough to make my skin look flaky and not let foundation sit right. For no make-up days, it is manageable, but I rarely have one of those; wearing a touch of foundation or concealer just makes me feel better about myself (and covers my blotchiness). Seeing foundation clinging to any dry patches and emphasising the flakiness- no matter how much you look after your skin prior to application- is so frustrating and disheartening. In the few years I've been having these break-outs, there's one thing which I've found really helps...face oils.


7 Ways To Treat Trichotillomania (And Make Your Life A Little Easier)

The tiniest amount of research online will enlighten you to the sad fact that, currently, there is no cure for trichotillomania. It may be disheartening to think that the cycle of pulling will seemingly never end, and, trust me, I've torn myself up over the idea of being stuck with this horrid disorder for life. However, hope is not all lost. Despite there being no magic wand you can wave and make those urges to pull instantly disappear, there are numerous ways to help control those feelings. Many people have wonderful success stories of going pull-free, so don't think that it's totally unachievable. So, if you're looking for potential ways to treat, stop and control trichotillomania, this post is for you.


The Ultimate Lazy Nails (Featuring Brit Rocks Vintage)

Whilst I am incredibly open about my trichotillomania on this site and other places across t'internet, there is one thing which I am forever embarrassed and ashamed about. I've come to terms with not having eyebrows or eyelashes, but have pushed its sister disorder completely to one side. Dermotillomania has destroyed my nails. Throughout my teens, I would (warning: this sounds disgusting) compulsively pick away at my nails and my cuticles...and I still do to this day. It makes me feel disgusting and has physically ruined my nails. My cuticles are scabby, red and sore (and often picked so much they bleed) and the nails on my thumbs have curved so much they just look abnormal now (my family call them my 'werewolf claws'). I love painting my nails and making them look pretty, but always had hang-ups with the way my fingers looked with dermotillomania- scabby, werewolf claws are just not elegant. Nail varnish never hid the curves in my nails, but I've recently discovered one thing which does: false nails.


4 Amazing 'On The Go' Beauty Products (Fab For Festivals And Holidays)

Whilst festivals are not quite here yet and summer seems to be trying to arrive before swiftly changing its mind, I'm sure many of you have turned your thoughts to any upcoming holidays you might have booked. My anticipated trip to Cyprus isn't until the end of June, time is flying by so quickly that I'm sure it'll be no time until I'm packing that suitcase and donning the sunnies. I've already bought my bikinis and started on the rest of my holiday shop, but one thing which is easy to overlook is the beauty side of holiday-planning. Suitable for festivals and holidays alike, these four beauty products are as convenient as they get, and are sure to be packed alongside my passport come June.


Caprera: Artisan Food Delivered Straight To Your Door

While it's all so convenient to nip to your local supermarket and stock up on any snacks you may be craving, there is an increasing demand to support smaller start-ups and local business within society. Whilst there are tons of independent stores in my town of Brighton (in fact, I think Brighton is renowned for its championing of local produce), it may not be as easy to access these artisan producers elsewhere. Caprera is an online business which gathers a number of excellent independent resources into one convenient place; just take your pick from the goods on offer and get them delivered fresh straight to your door. Supporting smaller businesses has never been so easy!


Skincare That Makes A Difference: Naobay's Natural & Organic Products

Greetings again, everybody. Apologies for my brief blogging absence; dissertations and exams are so inconvenient, eh? Today I'm back with a good ol' skincare review for you all. Naobay is a brand that I have been familiar with for a while (having tried their toner in the past) and one that I wanted to introduce to you. An acronym for 'Natural and Organic, Beauty and You', this brand focuses on ingredients which are in no way harmful to you or the environment. Strong ethical commitments within the beauty industry regarding organic ingredients, animal testing and environment protection are an incredible and increasingly recognised stand, but the products still have to live up to a great quality too. Having been trying their calming toner, milk cleanser and oxygenating moisturising cream for the past month or so, I can confirm that these products are not only great for those who look out for 'certified' products, but are well worth trying out if you're a beauty lover in general.

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