Love In The Make-Up Aisle: How Clarins Everlasting Foundation Melted My Heart

Recently, I've been getting a bit bored of using the same couple of foundations all the time. While I will always love Bourjois Healthy Mix (who doesn't?!), I just had a real urge to shake up my base a bit and try something new. Having been given some House of Fraser vouchers for my 21st birthday a few months ago, saving them up for a special purchase, I couldn't resist indulging at the Clarins counter after previously trying little sachets of their everlasting foundation. Result: I think I've found my one true love.

clarins everlasting foundation


3 Cleansers I'm Currently Loving (With No Liquid Formulas In Sight)

Finding the perfect cleanser has been somewhat an obsession for me lately. Maybe due to stress, the change of seasons or the products I previously used, my skin flared up with dryness. I usually have normal skin with relatively few spots (#blessed), so to suddenly find my beloved foundations were not sitting right on my face, leaving it tight and flakey, was quite frustrating. So, there marks the start of my cleanser mission (you can read about the routine which banished the dryness in a post coming soon), as I chose to leave behind the liquid formulas and try something a little more thick and soothing. While a quick douse of liquid cleanser is fab for taking off the primary layer of make-up, my love for cream and balm cleansers stems from their ability to provide a truly deep cleanse whilst nourishing your skin. No-one likes to feel like their skin is being stripped of goodness, so here are the three cleansers which have completely changed my skincare game.

3 favourite cleansers elemis no7 liz earle hot cloth


Arbonne: Fab Quality Products And One Of The Best Primers I've Ever Used (PLUS WIN!)

It's not often that I get super excited about discovering a new lipstick. With so many new launches out there reaching the beauty shelves seemingly every week, it's easy for lip products to get lost amongst the rest. What's even more exciting, is that these new favourite bullets of colour also come from a new brand discovery. I had never heard of Arbonne before being sent these products, but I have been so impressed by their lipsticks and primer that they have become a staple of my beauty routine; quite a feat considering the size of my makeup collection!


Kiss 'Flirty' False Lashes For A Big, Bold Flutter

A while ago I featured some lashes which completely changed my life. You may wonder how some false eyelashes can transform someone's life, but when you have trichotillomania, you are on a constant mission to discover products that will help you cover up your hair loss whilst still looking natural. Kiss provided this for me. Their 'Iconic' set boosted my confidence more than any other make-up product, leading me to recommend them to any fellow sufferer or beauty enthusiast I can. I thought I would try out some more of their range, aside from their more natural, reserved lashes, and opted for this bolder set, 'Flirty'.

kiss false lashes flirty


Glamour In A Case: Enrapture Extremely Heated Rollers

You may (or may not) have noticed a slight blogging absence from me over the past few weeks. After completing my dissertation and final university exam, I am finally free to start blogging again! WAHAY! To mark my return, I thought I'd show you a hair product that I've been loving at the moment. I hate having straight hair, either tying it back or curling it depending on the occasion and how I feel. While I usually use this Remington curling wand, it mainly creates natural-looking loose waves rather than curls with that extra oomph. These Enrapture heated rollers fill that hair gap, providing a glamourous look with minimal effort.

enrapture extremely heated rollers


Old Treasure: 3 MORE Products I've Rediscovered And Am Loving

Last week, I wrote a post about some products I had dug out whilst having a beauty sort out. They were old favourites of mine that had gotten lost amidst the sea of new purchases, and had been sitting all lonely on the back of the shelf. Well, it turns out there were quite a few treasures I had totally forgotten about, so here are three more products that I've recently fallen in love with all over again...(I have so many I could make this a new feature!)

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