Bargain Accessories

For a change today, I thought I'd do a more fashion-angled post and show you some of the jewellery I've been wearing this week. I'm not really one to accessorise through belts or masses of bracelets, opting for the finger-bling and necklace combination, both in the daytime and for a night out.


Fish-egg nails

I did this 'fish-egg' mani earlier this year before I had this very blog, and thought I'd share it. It's well known, within the blogging world particularly, that there was a little, umm, misunderstanding, about a similar manicure supposedly created by a certain brand. But that's a story for another time. I thought I'd bring you little ways with which you can get this quirky look from the comfort of your own home.


This Little Piggy...

This week's nails are inspired by some farmyard style nail art I came across whilst surfing the net for some new nail blogs to read. As I scrolled through many pretty pictures of perfectly groomed and painted nails, partly reading to find some new favourite blogs and partly trying to get some nail inspiration, I came across some cow print nail art; the statement ring finger nail had been turned into the face of a miniature mooing animal while the other nails were covered in the black and white print.


Sweet As A Strawberry

Despite the sun's last minute appearance, it's nearing the end of the summer holidays. People will be coming back from their holidays, waving goodbye to most things Olympic and trotting back to school or university. This summer has been a rather patriotic one, from the Jubilee, London hosting the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to the usual Wimbledon fun, and the nation has got to celebrate all things British.

Whether it be the Union Jack, cups of tea or strawberries and cream, this summer has been one of celebrating and embracing all those British stereotypes- even the 19th century top hat and monocle combination made an appearance in the Olympic opening ceremony!

In a last grasp attempt to relive this summer before I carry my many boxes full of stuff down to the University of Sussex and up the massive hill on which I will be living (hurrah!), I tried out this bit of nail art in correspondence to the great Wimbledon stereotype- strawberries and cream. But without the cream.


Creampuff Lippy

As a self-confessed lipgloss/lipstick addict, I couldn't help stumbling across these beauties in the Collection [2000] (what do I call them now?!) stand. Although I promised myself not to buy any more as I have more than plenty at home, these lovely little Creampuff 'glosses magically appeared in my hand and I trotted off to the till.


Luscious Lemon Cake

To say a big 'thank-you' to my driving instructor for primarily putting up with my whinging for almost a year,  and secondly sending me on my way to passing my test last Thursday (better late than never), I made her this lovely lemon cake. In some ways, yes it was cruel to make my mum's favourite cake and have it lingering around the house when she was slimming, but oh well!


'Just Bitten' Lipstain

With every brand under the cosmetic sun bringing out their own range of lip stains, I thought it was time to try some out.

Scouring the aisles of Boots, I found these lip stains by Revlon as part of their 'Just Bitten' range, and initially bought 'Frenzy'- a gorgeous, rich dark pink colour.


Cupcake Nails

With half of my family on a diet at the moment, I've been told my cake-making has to be put on momentary hold for the sake of slimming. As a result, I am now getting baking withdrawal symptoms (as you do!) so searched Youtube for some cute nail tutorials. I found a few tutorials for cupcake manicures, and, naturally in my state of cakelessness, decided to try the designs out, putting my own twist on them.



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Craving Coral

I rarely really splash out on a nail varnish, spending £5 maximum for a single one (student budget and all), but after a friend tried out a nude coloured Revlon nail varnish for a holiday, I decided to stretch my budget just a teensy bit. My usual collection of varnishes are of the cheaper brands, such as Barry M or 2True, and haven't found that it massively takes away from the quality of the product, except for the fact that most need a good few coats (apart from Collection 2000). However, after emptying my purse a tad more on the nail varnish front, using the Revlon varnish feels like a bit of a nail varnish luxury.

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