Amazing AND Affordable: Barry M's Glitterati Nail Varnish Range

Who doesn't love having a bit of glitter and sparkle in their lives?! Barry M is a make-up brand that has a reputation of being cheap and cheerful, offering a range of decent quality products for a lower price than a Starbucks coffee. Despite the popularity of their contour kits and lipsticks, it is the HUGE range of nail varnishes for which ol' Barry is most famous for. They were always the first high-street brand to release the latest nail art trend, capitalising on the growing demand for 'effect' nail varnishes. Still as popular as a few years ago, the brand remains innovative and these Glitterati polishes are just another drop in Barry M's ocean of swoon-worthiness.


Mastering The Cat Flick With Soap and Glory's Supercat Eyeliner

I'm quite boring with my make-up routine. It always features a dewy base, a dash of blush, and a bold cat flick, and has been this way for a good few years. As I moved into Sixth Form and we were allowed the privilege of wearing make-up, I discovered that bold eyeliner was a great way of disguising my lack of lashes; the flick at the end drawing attention away from my actual lash line. Since, I've been intent on finding the Mr Right of eyeliner to give me the perfect winged look. Using the Collection Fast Stroke one for years, my cousin recommended the Soap and Glory Supercat here it is!


Miners Cosmetics: The £2.50 Lipsticks That Really Deliver

It's finally looking like Spring! This means that the deep berry hues we've been wearing on our lips can be replaced with beautifully bright corals, reds and pinks to celebrate the emergence of the sun. Bringing out the bold colours within make-up symbolises the start of Spring/Summer for me...sounds like a perfect excuse to go shopping for new lipsticks! I'd never really heard of Miners' cosmetics range, let alone tried anything, before I was sent these two lipsticks as part of my 'Share The Beauty' collaboration a couple of months ago. Yet again, I assumed cheap price equals cheap quality and was proved absolutely wrong by these two lipsticks.

bargain miners lipstick review matte and moisture effect


Primark P.S Love Beauty Haul; Why It's Not As Bad as You'd Think

Primark is incredible, isn't it? While it may often look like a jumble sale, you can pick up a multitude of bargains ranging from clothes, accessories and even cosmetics. Recently, Primark have done a lot to revamp the image of their P.S Love beauty range. The results show sleek-looking products that aren't as bad as you may think. Being so cheap and having the reputation of a budget store, it's easy to assume the quality of Primark beauty products is pretty naff. There are, of course, many things which fit this category (lotions, face wipes, and kohl eyeliners), but within the beauty shelves it is possible to find some real gems that shouldn't have the reputation of 'if it's cheap, it's crap'.

primark ps love beauty makeup


OPI Trend On Ten: The Classic Nail Varnish Essentials

I love nail varnishes nearly as much as I love cake (ie. quite a bit). This blog even started out as a site dedicated to all things nail art! While the world of nail art has died down quite a lot since its heyday a couple of years ago, it's still amazing how nail varnish can be used to complete, transform or co-ordinate an outfit. It's essentially an accessory in itself. Nowadays, there are a range of brands offering every colour imaginable to paint your nails with. But, despite all this, it's the simple, classic shades that we end up running back to, isn't it?

OPI trend on ten nail varnishes review


My New Babies: Statement Prada Sunglasses

If you hadn't guessed by the copious amount of cake photos I've plastered over Twitter and Instagram, I turned 21 last Monday. While I insisted to my family that 21 'wasn't a biggie', unlike 18, they still surrounded me with love, surprises, and lavish gifts. Me? Spoilt? One of my favourite presents of all was this gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, pair of Prada sunglasses. Being one of the only designer items I own, they have swiftly become like a baby in that I am extremely proud and overprotective of them.


Easy-Peasy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't love cookies? The smell of the freshly-baked biscuit dough filling your home is one that is difficult to beat, and always seems to take me back to childhood weekends spent round my Nan's house baking in my dinky little apron. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, an old-school favourite, and you don't have to have Mary Berry's baking skills in order to make them. They are so easy, are ready to eat within 25 minutes, and only use up a few ingredients that everyone has in their cupboard. This recipe is a doddle and creates cookies that are crisp around the outside but gooey and chocolately once you bite into them. A top tip for you- they are seriously good to dunk in tea.

chocolate chip cookie recipe


Tanya Burr Makeup: False Lash Review

When Tanya Burr's make-up range launched last year, beauty lovers and fans jumped out of their seats to but the coveted new cosmetics line. From reading reviews, it seems to have been a hit, with many being more than surprised about the quality of the range. However, for some reason, I never bought into it. Popping into Superdrug a few weeks ago, I thought I'd check out her false lash collection and came away with a set in 'Pretty Lady'.

tanya burr cosmetics lashes review


Maybelline Lash Sensational: A Roller Lash Dupe For £8?

We all love beauty bargains. That feeling of discovering a world-class product that has all the qualities of a luxury range expect the price tag is amazing. Recently, the launch of Benefit's new Roller Lash mascara generated a whole load of hype in the beauty world (most of it generated by Benefit themselves), with the magically crafted wand claiming to give you the perfectly curled and lengthened flutter. However, regardless of the quality, it goes without saying that £20 for this Benefit mascara is enough to make the average gal cry runny streams of Roller Lash. This is where Maybelline steps in with their new Lash Sensational innovation. For £8, can this do the job better than Benefit?

Maybelline Lash Sensational review


Brilliant Budget Beauty: Nivea Cleansing Micellar Water and Express Hydration Primer

Firstly, sorry for the long title- I swear products are starting to have longer and longer names. Nivea have been a brand I've always loved for their skincare; they are one of the only budget brands that rival luxury skincare quality. With many cheaper ranges, you can tell why they don't cost as much as some high-end products- they leave a greasy feel, dry out your skin or generally don't live up to their claims. But I've always found Nivea to consistently produce, quite simply, bloody good products for a fraction of the price. I've recently wanted to change up my cleansing routine- the Clean & Clear deep cleansing lotion having dried my skin to within an inch of it's life. A lovely woman in Boots, Brighton, recommended this Nivea Micellar Water, and I fell in love as soon as I started using it.


Simple Baking: The Best Bread Pudding Recipe

There's nothing quite like home baking. Ever since I was little, one of my favourite treats has been my Nan's bread pudding. Having tweaked the secret recipe over the years until it was perfect, this bake is a firm favourite in my family. It's soft and gooey, thanks to the moisture from the soaked bread, yet gets warmth from the currents and mixed spice; it tastes like Christmas (if that's a thing). This can be made as a tray bake, then cut into chunks and eaten/stored in the fridge/frozen. This recipe makes about 20-25 squares, so plenty to share around!


6 Blogs To Check Out (Who Have Incredible Photography)

To finish off a week of posts about photography, I thought I'd share the love and show you some of the blogs who give me the greatest photo envy. All are unique in their style, but keep me captivated through their down-right bloody incredible photos. These blogs have been the places I have spent far too many hours reading and gawping at when I'm on procrastinating sprees taking a coffee break, so now they can grace your computer screen too!

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