Beauty Must-Haves For Your Summer Holidays

So, as of today, I can say 'I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY THIS WEEK!'. Late Saturday night we'll be traipsing to the airport to catch a flight to Crete for a week of sun, beaches and all inclusive food/ drink. Honestly, what more could a girl want? When we booked the holiday in March, it seemed ages away, but (as it always does) time has seriously crept up on us and this weekend I realised I needed to start thinking about what I was going to pack (and also whether my summery clothes still fit me, cue bank holiday shopping trip!). When it comes to beauty, I am usually fully stocked up and always buy bits and bobs whenever they are on offer, so luckily I have most things I need already. I thought many of you will have summer holidays approaching, so thought I'd share some of the beauty items which are going to be must-haves in my suitcase.


NEW Smashbox Be Legendary & Always on Matte Liquid Lipsticks

A couple of weeks ago (I think it was a couple of weeks...I lose track of time these days!), I was invited to Boots in Brighton for an evening of testing and trying out some new launches by Smashbox. It's a brand I haven't had much experience with in the past, having only really tried a mascara of theirs and a primer. The new Be Legendary range is full of totally on-trend liquid lipsticks, covering both plain colours and a gorgeous collection of metallics, which were all designed by their lip editor-in-chief, Vlada Haggerty (otherwise known as VladaMUA on Instagram, famous for her incredible lip art). Smashbox and Vlada are a lip match made in heaven which has produced some stunning products that are not only high quality in finish, but also available in some pretty cool shades.


Classic & Classy: Leighton Denny Nail Varnishes

I own a lot of nail varnishes. In fact, I have so many nail varnishes I have to keep them in their own case (and that's after a clear out!). There's something so complete about having freshly painted nails; it makes you feel extra confident and like you 100% have your life together, plus it's even better if the colour matches your outfit (double sass points for you if you do this). Although my collection is quite vast, displaying a large array of brands, colours and nail art trends that have been and gone, I only wear a select few on a regular basis. Back in the day, I'd grab anything bright, fun and daring, however now, the only ones I really turn to are the classic shades that are known for timeless glamour. Perhaps it's working in an office where wacky nail art isn't really accepted, or maybe it's my personal style and taste developing over time, but these Leighton Denny shades are ticking all the right boxes at the moment!


Be Selfish, Do What's Best For YOU

So, it's been a while since I've written a more rambly mental health based post, predominantly because I've been lacking inspiration and things to talk about. However, today's post is something that is very close to my heart right now. This last week or so, my depression has come back, and come back with a complete and utter vengeance. I usually go through periodic bouts of it, normally near summer time (for some strange reason...I thought summer was supposed to be fun and happy?!), but last year, the regular wave of utter sadness and despair that I've felt for the past 8 years of my life seemed to pass by without affecting me at all. As such, I was lulled into the false sense of hope that I was actually getting better and perhaps 2015 saw the last of my depressive episodes, but oh no, it couldn't be that easy could it.


Best of British: The English Soap Company

Soaps have never really featured in my bathroom, often finding them a bit old fashioned and drying. Recently my opinion of them was changed by these exotic products from Sabai Soaps which incorporated the scents of Thailand into the rectangular bars. These fragrances were vibrant and strong, and although I adore them, they are perhaps not everyone's cup of tea. Speaking of tea, the English Soap Company is a brand I've seen over Instagram via other bloggers, and I recently had the chance to test out some of their tea-themed soaps. Is there anything more British?! The beautifully fragranced soaps have most certainly won me over and have continued to show me that soaps can actually be quite luxurious.


NEW: Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Eyelashes

It only seems like recently that I posted a review of some Kiss lashes but here we are again with a brand new collection. To be fair, Kiss are joint number one on my list of favourite false eyelash brands (alongside Eylure), and my love for them is both well-justified and nostalgic as their Iconic lashes were the first pair of falsies that ever made me feel confident with trichotillomania (way back, aged 15!). Their lashes are always so comfortable to wear and often display a combination of all the things I look for in order to cover my own lack of eyelashes. From the perfect length, a super-natural multi-angle feature as seen in their new Blooming Lash range, to the subtle overlapping of lashes near the base to hide any gaps, their lashes are often the first ones I reach for if I need a little confidence boost. Although their new faux mink collection isn't as natural-looking as some others I've featured in the past, these are still gorgeous lashes that make the perfect pair to apply for a night out.

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