Primark's Trio Nail Varnishes in 'Nudes'

There's something about freshly painted nails that just make you feel like you've got your life together. I have a bad habit of picking at my nails, so when they get to a good stage where I can paint them and they don't look like a stubby mess I feel as though I have accomplished something in having pretty talons! Although I literally have a box filled with different nail varnishes (and that's after a clear out!), I just can't resist picking up new shades. When I saw this nude trio in Primark, I thought they were so pretty and understated; ideal for someone who likes boring neutral colours on their nails, like me! £2.50 for three different can't really go wrong! (Yes, I do need more nude varnishes, and yes, they are slightly different from the ones I have already).


Aldi's New Jo Malone-Inspired Reed Diffusers (That Only Cost £3.99!)

Since I moved out of my family home back in 2012, I've had somewhat of a mild obsession with decorating my home with candles, potpourri and reed diffusers. If it smells nice and looks pretty, I'll buy it! Even if it just perches on a shelf as a decorative piece looking pretty, just waiting in the queue of things to be used, I'll just keep getting more! (Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't leave a home store without buying at least one candle?!). Having the scent of a gorgeous candle or reed diffuser filling my home is one of my little joys in life, and so I'm incredibly happy that Aldi have just released this new range of reed diffusers to compliment their existing range of luxury candles. Although I'm now a bit worried about how much I might spend in store when I just pop in for some milk!


Blogging Is Not All About Numbers

I'll admit, when I first started blogging, I got a buzz from watching my social media channels grow and religiously kept an eye on my page view statistics through Google Analytics. Being re-tweeted by a big brand or getting lots of likes on my latest Instagram selfie felt amazing, as sad as that is to admit. The likes, re-tweets, page views and follower count was a way of defining my worth and value as a blogger, and was up until a short time ago. Of course, it's flattering when brands get in touch and want to work with you; often this is directly linked with stats as they ultimately want to see a return on their 'investment'. But recently I've learnt that stats and follower counting is not everything, and I've realised that obsessing over those numbers has caused me to detour slightly from why I started this blog in the first place.


Crabtree & Evelyn's NEW Everyday Nature's Care Collection: A Fragrance For Every Need

There are always three beauty products I have in my handbag at all times; a lip balm, an eyebrow pencil (thanks trich) and a tube of hand cream. I like to think of this trio as my 'everyday beauty essentials' when I'm out and about. Having dermatillomania (a compulsive skin-picking disorder that's like trichotillomania's twin...I attack my cuticles), my hands are often left in a pretty sorry state. I've always been too embarrassed to really go into depth about it and show photos (despite my complete openness about trich!), but think bloody, sore and scabby cuticles and flaky skin and you get the idea. Apologies for putting you off whichever meal you are about to have. With this condition, I always make sure I have a hand cream to...hand in order to try and soothe my skin and nourish the dryness.

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