My Favourite Gentle Eye Make-up Removers (That Are Great For Trichotillomania Sufferers)

Pulling your own hair out sucks. What sucks even more is the horrible red, sore irritation you feel around your eyes after a spree and, well, just generally. Constantly picking around your eyelid and leaving your eyes exposed isn't the best for your eye health, leaving your peepers open to infections, soreness and getting things in your eye (which can often scratch and irritate further!). With our eyes already being delicate organs, this added strain means that we need to take extra good care of them. Wearing eye make-up can often be a great way of covering damage and boosting confidence, but when it gets to the end of the day, the products you use to remove the beauty products are ever-more important. Here are a few of my favourite, gentle eye make-up removers that I have found amazing at wiping away the eyeliner whilst minimising irritation on sensitive eyes.


Fuss-Free Nails: KISS ImPress Press-On Manicure

Recently, a (what I think was slightly dodgy) gel manicure completely damaged my nails. On top of my permanent dermatillomania damage, this beauty treatment left my nails dry, damaged and literally crumbling. I've never had it before when my nails split right down the middle- and I'm not talking just the tip! My thumb nails have been agony recently where pretty much half the nail has come off (GROSS ALERT) and whilst I have let them to heal naturally for a little while, I really want a quick-fix in covering up the ugly mess that has been left. When they grew back to a very short but normal length, I gave these KISS Press-On nails a whirl to help make my hands look pretty once again.


Choc On Choc: The Ultimate Personalised Gift Destination For Chocolate Lovers

When it comes to finding the perfect edible gift, my only two real options have only ever been baking or Thorntons personalised chocolates. I can remember first discovering popping into the local Thorntons shop in High Wycombe and finding out that you can personalise your chocolate gifts. The icing writing on chocolate figurines or blocks was the pinnacle of personalised gift shopping, but after years of it being around (and the chocolate not even tasting that great), I think it's time that some alternative gift inspiration came to light. Whilst looking for presents for my chocolate-loving boyfriend, I came across Choc On Choc; a chocolatier website that offers personal gifts with a unique twist.


A First Glimpse: The Body Shop's NEW Christmas Range

It feels very strange writing this post in October, but seeing as most brands showcase their Christmas launches in the middle of summer, I guess this post isn't quite as early as it could have been! As many of you may have noticed, Halloween and Bonfire Night haven't even passed yet and the Christmas cards are already being stocked in stores! In fact, I think they've been out for at least the past month or so...doesn't it seem to come around faster each year?! Although festive gifts may be the last thing on your list at the moment, if you're anything like me, you might be starting to plan and budget for this year's Christmas presents. Each year, the Body Shop infamously bring out a new range of festive scents to accompany their regular favourites, along with cute gift-sized samples and box-wrapped sets to give to loved ones. As the 25th December creeps back around, here is a first glimpse at what the Body Shop have to offer this year.


REVIEW: Kimberley Walsh False Eyelashes For Eylure

Having suffered from trichotillomania for nearly all of my life, I have had my fair share of encounters with false lashes. Since I started wearing make-up, I've flirted with many a different brand and tried out more styles than I would care to admit. Initially, they may be a faff to apply, but once you get the knack they can be the perfect cover-up for hair loss. The sense of joy when you find that perfect pair which makes you look like you actually have lashes is incredible. When Kimberley Walsh announced that she was releasing a new style with false lash giants Eylure, I was so excited to see what it would be like. After getting a preview glimpse on Instagram, I knew they would be amazing for trichotillomania.


BFRB Awareness Week: What Does It Actually Mean?

In support of BFRB awareness week, I thought I'd go into the more medical side of things for once and give an insight into the category in which trichotillomania is placed. BFRB stands for 'body-focused repetitive behaviours' and broadly covers all disorders which display these characteristics. Rather than mild habits or 'tics' (such as picking your nails every now and then), these disorders focus on touching the body and/or hair in ways which are incredibly damaging; they have more extreme consequences than the mannerisms which people are most used to seeing. Rather than just being habits, there is a deeply complex emotional root in these BFRBs which needs treating in some way. The emotional trauma and physical damage these disorders can cause make them something dangerous to undermine and hurtful to minimise the severity of.
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