Why Soap & Glory's Archery Pencil Is The Best Brow Product For Trichotillomania

I have quite a collection of brow products. Since I started pulling my eyebrows out, aged around 16/17, I have been looking for ways to cover the baldness up. As you can imagine, this includes the purchase of many a brow product in hope that it does the job and masks my disorder as well as it possibly can. Although I had my eyebrows tattooed in January this year (you can read about my life-changing experience with Sian Dellar here), my pulling has caused the semi-permanent make-up to fade quite quickly and as a result I need a little bit of extra help from brow products. Whilst I have had flings with other brow pencils and powders, Soap & Glory's Archery brow pencil has remained at number 1 position in my 'brow charts'. Here's why...


Blossoming Gifts: The Inexpensive, High Quality Flower Delivery Service I've Been Waiting For

I have always been incredibly close to my Mum and Nan. When I moved away from home to sunny Brighton four years ago, I really missed them. I missed being able to see them whenever I wanted, and I missed being able to treat them to little gifts every now and then. When you live away from home, picking up little presents is fine until you realise the cost of postage is probably more than the gift's worth, and ordering bouquets online seem extortionate if you're used to picking up a bunch from the local florist on the way to visiting family. Treats like these become limited and only reserved for birthdays when (as a student) I could only afford to 'splash out' a bit; it becomes very expensive to send a little present 'just because'. When Blossoming Gifts got in touch, I thought they were going to be another one of these flower delivery services who charge £40+ to deliver a bouquet to your loved ones. A quick browse on their site told me I was so wrong; I think I've just found the online florists I've been waiting for all this time.


Timeless Scent, Organic Formula: Meet Dr Botanical's New Moroccan Rose Range

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no doubting that rose is a classic fragrance. Conjuring images of romance, elegance and quintessential English-ness, rose is one of those scents that can be both delicate and overpowering if not used sparingly. There's a good reason this flower has been used for centuries within fragrance; not only does the scent of roses awaken those feminine, minimalist sentiments, but the ingredient itself bears highly potent benefits for skincare. It seems as though many brands are capitalising on the benefits of Moroccan Rose at the moment, and Dr Botanicals is one to join the club. Their new Moroccan Rose range combines this classic, simple ingredient with a passion for cruelty-free and organic skincare. Sounds like a winner in my books!


My Personal Experiences With Therapy For Trichotillomania

Although I've written about different therapies which are available to help trichotillomania, I thought this post would give a (hopefully) useful insight into my personal experiences with them; which ones worked, which parts of each therapy I liked, and which ones were just plain rubbish. If you don't through the NHS (most therapies have to be paid for privately), exploring your options can get quite pricey; I hope this post can help point any sufferers in the right direction or at least help making therapy-based decisions a little clearer before jumping into something. These aren't necessarily a cure (there is no known cure for the disorder), but they can help make life that little bit easier and strengthen your ability to reflect upon the disorder, your behaviour and how you manage life with trichotillomania.

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