Fat Hair '0 Calories' Range: For Thicker, Amplified Hair In A Jiffy

We always want what we don't have. Since I can remember, I've always wanted to switch my lifeless, thin, straight hair for thick, voluminous waves. Luckily, there are products on the beauty markets that can help your hair situation, whether they are frizz-tamers, straighteners, or volume-adding formulas...there is something for just about everyone. Fat Hair is a range that's been available in the UK for a couple of years now, and their volumising hair range seems to have had a makeover. Naturally, I put it to the test!

fat hair 0 calories amplifying range review

Their new Advanced Repair Formula has been added to the existing 'Amplifying' range, meaning the products actually help strengthen hair while giving it a volume boost. It's common sense that improving the actual quality and core strength of hair will leave you with a naturally stronger, healthier, shinier and thicker barnet; combine this with the original amplifying concept and you should have a 'do that'll rival the Kardashians'. This new formula contains a blend of protein (the basic composite of hair, used for repairing damage), inositol (helps promote healthy hair growth), taurine (an amino acid which helps provide stronger hair), avocado and olive oil (for shinier, faster-growing hair). What's more is this range is 100% vegan and totally paraben and sulphate-free. Sulphates are known to damage hair and potentially lead to eventual hair loss, so it's nice to know the brand have really thought about the kind of ingredients they are putting into their products; it is a formula that has been well thought-out and genuinely seems to have healthy, voluminous hair for you as its priority.

Now to the performance. I picked up the shampoo and conditioner to try out, which aims at repairing damage, adding volume and shine, and injecting some moisture and hydration to your hair. The shampoo isn't great at lathering; I have to shampoo twice (sometimes three times) to get that lather and feel as though it is actually cleaning my hair. The conditioner doesn't seem anything spectacular, but does the job OK. After using it, my hair still has that tangled, squeaky feeling that you often feel after shampooing...maybe I should have used more product, but then you run the risk of walking around with that greasy, over-conditioned look!

Either way, after using it a good few times now, my hair is starting to feel in better condition, and the products smell divine (they smell like a hair salon). While I will always have naturally thin hair, I have noticed my hair looks as though it definitely has more volume. I'm not talking oodles, as though I've back-combed it, but just a subtle amount of volume, as though my hair looks naturally thicker. This range is great for styling too. Blow-drying my hair after washing it with this shampoo and conditioner gave it tons of volume; I didn't have to use any extra products on it to get that amped-up look! I really want to try some of their styling products now!

So while the actual shampoo and conditioner don't feel like they are the best quality, the proof is certainly in the results. They are fab if you want a voluminous blow-dry from the comfort of your own home, and over time you will see your hair become naturally thicker. I'm not talking massive changes, but enough to make a difference. They are currently on promotion in Superdrug for £2.79.

far hair 0 calories shampoo conditioner

Have you tried this range? What products do you love for adding volume?

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  1. This sounds really great after actually persevering with it which is something I usually don't do, I just give up haha but I definitely want to try it now xx

    1. I know, it's so easy to change hair care so often, but this is definitely something where you'll see a huge difference if you persevere! xxx


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