Lash Lift: How The LVL Treatment Has Helped My Trichotillomania

During the summer, I pulled all of my eyelashes out. It took them just over 2 months to grow back (so much longer than usual that I had those panics of 'is this it?! Are they just never going to grow back now!?'), and I managed to leave them alone and allowed them to grow long enough to have the LVL treatment. Since working with Nouveau Lashes and seeing their amazing lash lift results on other bloggers, I've been desperate to try this treatment out myself. However, trichotillomania means that it wasn't so easy as just booking an appointment. I was always waiting until they were a certain length, worried about the sparseness or gaps, going to book and then worrying I would rip them out in the time between then and the date of the appointment. How I experience trich is so unpredictable and so I gave up on ever having the treatment.

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