It's Not Negativity, It's Reality

I created this blog as a way to help others who also suffer from trichotillomania. To help them see that they are not alone in their struggle, to create a place for open discussion about the disorder, a space to ask questions without judgement and as a way to offer the beauty advice I have accumulated over the years which can help cover or ease the disorder. On the whole, I want it to be a positive space on the internet that will help the progression of understanding the illness and help break down the stigma and ignorance of others. But that's the big aim. The small, everyday aim is centred around the person who may regularly read this site or stumble across it when searching for articles on trichotillomania. The ones who read this to find comfort in that there is someone out there like them- bald eyelids, struggling with the judgement of others, the fear of people knowing what you do. And whilst I try to keep this as a helpful, motivating site, it isn't sustainable. If I write about trichotillomania in a way which the everyday sufferer can relate, this cannot be wholly positive. Because it isn't a positive disorder- it is soul destroying.


Christmas Review: Soap & Glory BeautyFull House Gift Set

Each year, my Mum seems to treat me to some Soap & Glory make-up bits and bobs for Christmas. Although some love their huge bath and body promotion that is on just before Christmas, I actually way prefer their make-up. I don't know if my Mum intended it, but it seems to have become a Christmas tradition now, ha! As you might be aware (from the amount I rave about it), I absolutely adore their brow pencil and also really rate their SuperCat eyeliner (both of which I also received for Christmas, thanks Mum!). But alongside these, I love trying out other bits and bobs from their make-up range. This year I received their BeautyFull House which provided me with some more exciting pieces to try out.


Introducing Sabai Soaps: Vegan, Organic and Deliciously Exotic Scents

One thing that I have never really used is soap. Not in an 'I never wash' way (obviously), but I've always found them incredibly drying on my skin, opting for a moisturising shower lotion or nourishing cleansing cream instead to stop my skin feeling tight and dehydrated. The only way I would use them would be if I treated myself to one of Lush's glorious designs (although, let's face it, I only, ever go in there for bath bombs). When Sabai Soaps got in touch me asking me to review their artisan natural soaps, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to see if I could replace my shower gels and creams once and for all.


Thinking of Quitting The Cigarettes In 2017? Here's 6 Ways Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks

Although I think fewer people in my generation do it (perhaps because the health risks were drilled into us from birth), a whopping 19% of adults in the UK still smoke. That's 1 in 5 people puffing on cigarettes despite their repercussions being common knowledge. Although this figure seems surprising, it's actually a step in the right direction; the number of adults who smoke in the UK has halved since 1974, perhaps encouraged by health campaigns and numerous smoking bans. Still, the highly addictive nicotine which can be found in cigarettes keeps people coming back to them, despite being aware of the damage they can do to your health. If you're thinking of giving up cigarettes as part of your New Year's resolution, perhaps the longer-term impact that smoking can have on your health and beauty is something to consider...


The Best Savoury Snack: Cheddar and Bacon Pastry Straws

I have always posted a lot of recipes on this site; most of them sharing my love for baking. Cakes, brownies, biscuits and desserts...they all reflect my sweet-tooth! Apart from a couple of Slimming World recipes, I have never shared any savoury snacks on my blog. Well, this is about to change! This cheesy bacon recipe is just absolute heaven; a concoction by Lorraine Pascale who is my baking idol (sorry, Mary Berry!). My mum used to make these when I lived at home and we all used to go crazy over them- these pastry snacks are so addictive and moreish (although not so good for the waistline I must admit!). Ready to eat in about an hour, these are a fab, quick snack idea if you are having 'party food' dinners over Christmas; you can boast about how you made them yourself and the flavours will win over your guests! I have made a few tweaks to the recipe which you will find below or you can check out the original recipe here.


Setting Trichotillomania Goals: Does It Work?

I've been there far too many times; pulling out all of my eyelashes in a splurge and then promising myself I won't do it again, setting an upcoming special occasion as a target to have all of my eyelashes back for. And more times than not, I let myself down again. We all set goals in life; whether it's career goals or more personal ones, having something set in our minds to work towards drives us forward and supposedly motivates us in achieving whatever it is that we want to achieve. With trichotillomania, this would work in theory. But after over a decade of continually setting myself targets only for me to 'fail myself', I have to ask, is it worth it? Should we keep setting these goals for ourselves, or is it only adding to the pressure and making the situation worse?

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