Quick & Easy Healthy Banana And Blueberry Muffins

You can probably tell from a lot of the recent baking posts that I'm quite into healthy recipes at the moment! Although my quest to lose a little bit of weight has ended (you can read my practical top tips for weight loss here), my baking habits have remained changed. Baking with lashings of butter and sugar is traditional, comforting and delicious, but it's not to say that healthy alternatives can't be equally as yummy. Swapping out a few ingredients, like butter for coconut oil, can keep the bake tasty whilst making them that little bit better for you. A lot of the healthy recipes on this site are my spin on the original- I've tried the recipe and tweaked it slightly to suit my taste. This banana and blueberry muffin recipe from www.bowlofdelicious.com didn't need changing at all. It's perfect the way it is. You can find the original recipe here, or continue reading below.


Why I Would Always Recommend An Eyelash Serum For Trichotillomania

I have been having a think recently (I know, steady on) about beauty products that I couldn't live without. Sifting through press samples and other blog reviews has made me reflect on what I would go out and spend my money on, or repurchase at a later date. What are those products that have impacted my life so much they are integrated into my daily routine? Although my beauty and skincare routine is probably quite similar to many others, there is one step that I think is inextricably linked to my suffering from hair loss, that is the use of an eyelash / eyebrow serum. I know that many non- hair loss sufferers use these, but I think my emotional attachment to them makes them stand out as a beauty product.


Gel Nails For £1.99? Introducing Aldi's Amazing New Nail Varnish Range

I don't know what it is about snapping up an absolute bargain, but doesn't it feel good? Knowing you've found something amazing and not had to fork out for it is hugely satisfying, and finding a beauty product that really does work but doesn't leave your purse feeling significantly lighter leaves me wanting to tell everyone about it. This is the case with these limited edition nail varnishes- from Aldi of all places! I have tried skincare from Aldi's beauty range, Lacura, before and it actually isn't half bad, so when I received an email about the launch of some Lacura gel nail varnishes I got very excited. With four shades to choose from, a gel top coat and a range of nail treatments, these are 100% worth picking up whilst you do your food shopping as they've become one of my favourite beauty products right now!


9 Practical Tips For Losing Weight (That Actually Work)

Since the end of March, I've been on a journey to try and shift some weight. Since going to uni, I had put on about a stone in weight. I know a lot of other students experience the same...it must be something to do with living off pesto and pasta and drinking your body weight in Strongbow for three years. Although I was just over 10 stone and a size 10, I just wasn't happy with how my body looked. So, in March/ April, I thought enough was enough; I'd stop moaning about the extra podge on my stomach and actually do something about it. After two months, I reached my goal weight of 9 stone 3 pounds (my pre-uni weight); around a stone lost and I am so much happier and can actually see muscle definition and the progress I've been working so hard for through training weights at the gym since January. Although many people might say 'you didn't need to lose weight to start with' (another rant for another time), I wanted to do it for me. Everyone has different goals and views their body in different ways. This post isn't meant to be a pushy one at all. I am just happy with my results and proud of my body, and know many people are trying to lose weight so I thought I'd share how I did it and what I found worked well. So here goes...


What You Need From Rimmel's NEW Insta Collection

Despite the algorithm changes which have made using the platform a nightmare (especially for us bloggers, anyway), it seems Instagram isn't going anywhere soon. I constantly find myself casually scrolling through endless pretty, aspirational photos which not only are lovely to look at but also inspire me to create better content. It seems that brands are cottoning on to our love for the social media platform too. We're now seeing whole makeup ranges based on our Insta-obsession and the idea of being 'selfie-ready', such as this Primark range and the new collection from Rimmel which launched last month. Rimmel have been creating oodles of new products at the moment, so here's the low-down of what you need (and what you don't) from this 'picture perfect' collection.


Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Your Eyebrows Microbladed

January 2016- the first time I had my eyebrows tattooed (or microbladed). I had heard about eyebrow tattooing before, but had in my mind that the results looked like your regular tattoo and would be similar to two dark black permanent blocks above my eyes. Having suffered from hair loss from my eye area for pretty much all my life, I was growing sick and tired of having to adopt the same, monotonous routine every single morning in order to try and cover up the damage I had done to myself through trichotillomania (a mental health disorder in which sufferers pull out their own hair). Trying to perfectly apply false eyelashes and attempting to draw on eyebrows from scratch was not an easy feat. After much research, I took the plunge and had my eyebrows microbladed. It completely changed my life. Although I would recommend it to fellow hair loss sufferers, there are still many things you need to consider before deciding whether it is the right move for you, so here are a few snippets to mull over if you are thinking about having it done.

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