Shop Savvy: Best Ways To Try New Make-Up On A Budget

For the past few years, I have continuously wrestled with my passion for beauty and being stuck on a student budget. As (I'm sure) many of you have experienced, my eye for new lipsticks says 'yes' but my bank balance always hits back with a resounding 'NO'. Sometimes, of course, you have to give in and "treat yo'self", but this isn't something I can get away with doing very often. As the festive season dawns upon us and most of our pay packets are getting frittered away on Christmas gifts (when it could be being used to buy the latest MAC collection), it might be worth checking out these thrifty ways you can get your guilt-free beauty fix without having to splash out too much cash.


False Eyelashes For Trichotillomania: Favourites, Application & Top Tips

Since I started openly writing about trichotillomania on here, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to apply false lashes to bald lids. So many of you fellow trich sufferers want to know how to cover up evidence of baldness around the eye area but struggle to get the perfect eyeliner technique or to get those pesky falsies to stay. Now, I'm not an expert by any means (I'm constantly picking up new ideas and advice from other beauty bloggers and hair loss sufferers) but, having had the disorder for 19 years, have had quite a long time to experiment with the best make-up tricks to cover up those gaps. My go-to disguise is a natural set of false eyelashes, but how do you get them to stay with no hairs underneath? Well, here are my top tips...


Christmas Is Coming! Insanely Cute Beauty Stocking Filler Ideas For Under £15

It's the first day of December! Christmas is now officially upon us as we open the first window of our advent calendars and start putting up our Christmas trees. If you haven't done so already, it's time to turn your attention to Christmas shopping. Whether you are buying for family, friends or within a Secret Santa set-up, we all know that when you end up doing the maths, we always spend far too much on presents. This year, I have decided to move house just before Christmas, meaning that all of my present-buying budget has gone into a deposit- YAY! As a result, this Christmas is going to be 'toned-done' (as much as I can), so this post serves as a way to show that you can get incredibly cute Christmas gifts on a budget.


Recipe: Delicious (And Healthy) Banana Bread

According to science, your tastebuds change and regenerate every 7 years. I used to hate banana flavoured things, turning my nose up at the thought of banana muffins and the like. However, my taste has recently changed and I've started experimenting with different recipes for banana bread, having suddenly realised how amazing it is. Taking after my Dad, a nice loaf of banana bread has quickly climbed the ranks of my favourite bake. There's nothing better than cutting a slice whilst it's still warm from the oven and slathering some butter across it. Butter, sugar and more butter is how it usually goes. However, when you're trying to watch what you eat, this isn't necessarily the best option. I wanted the same comforting indulgence of banana bread without having the guilty feeling afterwards, so concocted this healthier alternative. Although it's still 230 calories per serving, it contains ingredients that are generally better for you whilst still retaining that sweet taste.


My Current Winter Handbag Essentials

I've never really done the whole 'monthly empties' or 'handbag must-haves' before on this blog, but that's usually because nothing tends to change that frequently in my routine. I have an army of trusted products that I always have to hand which may change, say, every season. Although light face mists and boring-but-necessary deodorants sit in my handbag during summer, when the colder months come swooping in my beauty routine does get a bit of a shake-up. Although the core perfumes and balms remain, a few products get adapted to my skin's winter needs. Heavy duty lip saviours and products that keep my skin hydrated help banish the dryness which can often seep in during chillier times, so as my handbag products get their seasonal shake-up, I thought I'd share what I'm turning to on a daily basis. 


Budget-But-Brilliant Alternatives to Beauty Advent Calendars

As we creep towards the end of November, the Christmas music is already playing in stores, present-buying is underway and people are starting to snap up their advent calendars ahead of the 1st December. Beauty advent calendars seem to be bigger than ever this year, with seemingly every brand under the sun launching their own windowed treats for you to indulge yourself in. Whilst technically you do end up 'saving money' due to the amount of products inside, with most calendars starting at £40 (minimum!), it does seem like an extortionate price for sample-sized products- half of which we probably won't use/ don't want. What happened to the good old few quid choccie ones, eh?! If your budget can't quite stretch to these calendars, here are a few options which will give you a bit of indulgence each day of December whilst saving a few pennies to spend on Christmas gifts.

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