The Perfect Staycation Adventure: Things To Do In The New Forest

A couple of weeks ago, Stewart and I went to the New Forest for a little adventure. We had a week booked off at work and thought a few days away somewhere in the UK would make for a lovely little break. We didn't quite know where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do at first, but after my Nan told me tales of how she, my Grandad, Dad and Uncle camped in the New Forest in the early 70s and reminisced about how simple yet stunning the holidays were (along with telling some funny stories revolving around my Grandad), I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps and go there myself. We chose to stay in the same village, Brockenhurst; perhaps for more sentimental reasons, but also because it's such a good location with connections to various parts of the New Forest. There are so many things to do in the New Forest that makes it the perfect mini-break for families, friends and couples.


Creating Eyebrows For Hair Loss With Microblading Beauty

You may have seen on my Instagram that I've recently had my eyebrows re-microbladed. I initially had them done with Sian Dellar in London back in January 2016 (you can read my post about it here), and by around February/March 2017 they had started to fade quite a lot. I had the general outline which still made life so much easier when it came to quickly filling in my brows, but the definition and colour just wasn't there. This is completely normal- semi-permanent makeup like this needs topping up every 12-18 months. I started to look into getting my brows topped up when the lovely Lalita from Microblading Beauty got in touch. She had followed my blog for a little while and I was a big fan of her microblading an appointment was booked! This post will be a bit of review, a bit of talking through the process of getting your eyebrows microbladed- especially if you suffer from forms of hair loss like trichotillomania-, and, of course, a little bit of showing off my new brows!


Why Benefit's Roller Lash Is My Favourite Mascara For Trichotillomania Lashes

Apart from one small gap, my eyelashes have finally grown through! Not only that, but they've grown to a length where I can actually wear mascara. If you are a hair loss or trichotillomania sufferer reading this, you'll understand just how amazing that feeling is. As I haven't had eyelashes for quite some time (I kept pulling them out as soon as they'd poke through) some of my favourite mascaras had gone quite dry and were past their beauty sell-by date- including my ultimate favourite, Roller Lash by Benefit. To celebrate finally having eyelashes and give myself a little pat on the back for keeping trich relatively under control for now, I treated myself to another little Roller Lash mascara to really make the most of the flutter I've got going on. If you've got short lashes (naturally or through trich), here's why I would recommend you try this holy grail product.


Gorgeous Scents and Even Better Products: New Hall Lavender Skincare

I'm a bit of a creature of habit with my skincare, having a small portfolio of products I know work well for me on a daily basis and others reserved for specific functions, like a mask I can rely on to help with dry skin flare ups. For the past couple of months I've been testing out these two skincare products from New Hall Lavender; a company based in Henfield, West Sussex, around half an hour from my Brighton home. All of their products are made from lavender which is grown and distilled in their garden at New Hall, giving the botanical treats the most gorgeous scent. However, these products are so much more than that relaxing, lavender fragrance (which is my ultimate favourite) and the start-up business have created a really high quality range that I have fallen in love with.


The Bargain Makeup Brushes From eBay (That Are Totally Instagrammable)

Some things in life are just too pretty to resist. As soon as I saw Roxanne from The Beauty Kingdom post a picture of these gorgeous makeup brushes on her Instagram account, I knew I just had to have some. She kindly forwarded me the link and before I knew it I had ordered some for myself! Although I know many people buy beauty products from eBay and have got some complete bargains, I've never gotten in on the act myself. In fact, I think these brushes were my first ever eBay beauty purchase...shocking! Amazingly, these only cost £5.89 for a set of 8 make-up brushes- for this price, I assumed the quality wouldn't be that great and just thought they would make great blog photo props, but I actually quite like them!


Quick & Easy Healthy Banana And Blueberry Muffins

You can probably tell from a lot of the recent baking posts that I'm quite into healthy recipes at the moment! Although my quest to lose a little bit of weight has ended (you can read my practical top tips for weight loss here), my baking habits have remained changed. Baking with lashings of butter and sugar is traditional, comforting and delicious, but it's not to say that healthy alternatives can't be equally as yummy. Swapping out a few ingredients, like butter for coconut oil, can keep the bake tasty whilst making them that little bit better for you. A lot of the healthy recipes on this site are my spin on the original- I've tried the recipe and tweaked it slightly to suit my taste. This banana and blueberry muffin recipe from didn't need changing at all. It's perfect the way it is. You can find the original recipe here, or continue reading below.

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