Best Places To Buy Homeware (On A Budget)

Moving house can be pricey. You see new opportunities to design your home exactly how you like it, and with this comes the need for purchasing new furniture, bedding and bits and bobs to make your place extra cosy. Next week I will be moving into a brand new house which has a lot more space than the last, meaning that not only do I have room to store all my make-up (YEY), but I need to think about how I want my room to look. Being fresh out of uni and laden with debts, it's essential for me to build up my home on a budget. Whether you're preparing to move into uni halls, are in the same position as me, or just want to decorate your home with some wonderful bargains, here are my top places to buy budget homeware.

Primark homeware bedding budget


You may be going to Primark to pick up some new clothes this weekend, but why not take a look at their homeware section? I always forget about it when I pop in to browse the clothes, but it's definitely worth having a little meander for your homeware needs. While, like with their clothes, they do sell some awful crap, you can get some amazing steals with a perfectly justifiable price. My bedding and cushions in the photo are all Primark (heart cushion was a couple of quid, while the white cushions were £6 for the two), proving that you can find some cute, non-lairy things every now and then. Their bedding isn't the softest, but I couldn't resist these little hedgehogs! I also love Primark candles; these sweet vanilla and coconut silver ones below will be going at either end of my white mantelpiece and only cost £1.50 each. Their scented candles are really strong and don't need to be burned for ages before the scent hits you; they are definitely the best value for money that I've found (I'm a bit of a candle-loving freak).

B&M Homestores

Although there's not one near to me in Brighton, luckily there's a B&M in my home county, Bucks. Not only do B&M stock your favourite foods for a fraction of the price you'd pay in supermarkets, but their homeware is seriously top notch. You do need to sift through a bit of tat, but you can get some amazing bargains in this shop. I've recently bought some little lights to go along my fireplace and a delicate bird-cage tealight holder. They're very good at doing more vintage-style decorations, and while their furniture may not be quite as cheap as Ikea, it's still pretty darn good. Which brings me onto...


Do I need to introduce this Swedish megastore? It's everyone's favourite place for homeware shopping, and for good reasons. Ikea sells everything you would ever need for your home; kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges are all catered for (as are you with their infamous in-store restaurants). Some things are a bit pricier than others (namely when it comes to furniture), but when you go for the cheaper ranges, you certainly get a lot for your money. Filled with ingenious kitchen gadgets, to clever storage solutions and dainty home decorations, this is your one-stop shop for all things home.

budget homeware primark candles


You may not think it, but supermarket stores such as Asda and Tesco are amazing for their homeware. While you may pay a bit more for storage options than if you went on an Ikea trip, it's well worth nipping down to your local store to have a browse of their kitchenware, bedding and cushions. Asda in particular are amazing for bedding; it's an amazing price but the fabric washes up really nicely. (Do I sound middle-aged by saying that?!). Also keep an eye out for their sales (some of which are on at the moment), as they often do some amazing deals.


Another store which Brighton is lacking (sort it out Wilkos!), but luckily you're able to browse and order online. Wilkos is fab for general bits and bobs for your house; from bedding to candles and ornaments, this store is one to go to if you're after the finishing touches. You have to go in knowing what kind of things you'll need though, otherwise you'll end up buying loads of random crap you don't need. Go in with a direct plan and a solid budget!


Who doesn't love Tiger?! So much random tat stuffed into one little, maze-like store. I only go into Tiger for cute little knick-knacks for my home- they sell the most ingenious little things for so cheap! This store is amazing for storage too; from elegant baskets to sturdy boxes, there will always be something in Tiger for your storage needs...and it'll more than likely be well under a fiver too. I recently picked up this little jar; I wasn't sure what I was going to put in it until I had a sort out and stuffed all my spare make-up samples in there...they fit perfectly! It was only about £3 too and will look far better on a shelf than a gazillion make-up bags. It's not a place you'd immediately think of, but nip to Tiger for last minute home trinkets.

budget homeware tiger cheap storage

What are your favourite home stores? I'm always on the look-out for more home bargains! 

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  1. Homesense in Brighton is A++, and TKMaxx is great for reduced scented candles specifically :)

    1. I'm always in there sniffing their candles (looking like a creep). I love that place!

  2. You had me at homeware! I do love Primark stuff, some of their stuff is hideous and tacky but you get quite a few gems! Homesense is my absolute favourite place to go, I swear 90% of the stuff in my flat is from there... Also Argos is surprisingly good and cheap!

    1. Totally agree about primark! I love home sense but some things aren't reduced by a massive amount (to the point where you can still find them cheaper elsewhere). Argos is such a good shout! Haven't even looked there yet!

  3. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately I don't have a Primark near by that has a huge selection but their bedsheets and cushions are def great value. I really love Asda home aswell as Matalan and Dunnes Stores. They usually have really great sales on most of the time too. H&M at home is really affordable for cushion covers and those ever popular copper accessories. Really love Homebase for furniture and got an awesome steal when buying my new bed.


    1. I totally forgot H&M have a home range! Definitely going to have to have a browse for my new house! Xx


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