AproDerm: A Beauty Solution For Dry Skin Conditions?

In the past year, my skin has been fairly troublesome, causing me frustration and grief along the way. I suffer from really dry patches, meaning my make-up never sits right, my face can often look flaky, and I struggle to actually find skincare that can provide me with a real, long-term solution to the dryness. Having trialled this Aproderm moisturiser for a couple of weeks, I have actually seen an improvement in the condition of my skin. Could this be the solution we've been waiting for?

aproderm emollient cream dry skin

Aproderm are a more medical-based brand, as opposed to more cosmetic attempts at relieving dry skin, who aim at providing an effective solution to dryness and skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. When a brand is specifically designed for skin conditions, there is a lot more trust going into the products as you feel as though your needs are being directly targeted. The fact that this product is fragrance, colour, SLS, paraben and halogen-free means it has been really thought out and will protect your skin while preventing flare-ups and irritation. The ingredients list makes you feel like your skin is in safe hands.

The emollient cream is designed to sooth redness and inflammation whilst digging deep to ease the dryness many skin conditions can cause. The bottle needs a good shake before you use it as the formula seems to have a tendency to separate. It's a very thick cream; the first time I used it I made the mistake of using a whole pump on my face. This was far too much, especially considering this doesn't soak into the skin instantly! Half a pump would certainly suffice, any more will lead your skin to feel uncomfortably greasy.

While this does sooth the skin and leave your face feeling noticeably nourished and hydrated, it does have a tendency to feel a bit too oily and greasy. Maybe it's because the thickness (designed to obliterate the dryness) takes too long to fully soak in and get to work, but this is great as a 'little and often' solution to dryness, rather than 'slather loads on for an overnight treatment'. The lack of fragrance is a bit strange to get used to (making it feel very medical), but is all for a good cause in preventing irritation. Overall, this product is a great option for those suffering from dry skin conditions, and only costs £15. Just make sure you don't overload your skin to avoid break-outs!

aproderm dry skin cream review

I will be writing a series of posts for Aproderm's new blog soon, so keep an eye out on my social media for those!

Which products do you use to ease dry skin?

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  1. This sounds great for SOS moments when it gets really bad, I definitely couldn't use it everyday though my skin gets oily and dry?! It's crazy xx

    1. Yeah, maybe avoid it if you suffer from oiliness too! Xxx


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