3 Beautiful Products To Make Your Bath-Time Even More Relaxing

Baths are so underrated. Whilst showers are great for speed and efficiency in the morning, there's nothing better than stepping into a hot, bubbly bath with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) to unwind in the evening. Although it's not quite as nice in a grubby student house, there's always something so relaxing about baths. Whether it's the allocation of some time to have to yourself, a moment to just wallow in water and think about blissful nothingness, or a chance to try a plethora of products to pamper yourself with, it's always seen as a little bit of indulgence after a hard week. There are so many products you can pop in your bath to make it even more luxurious, but these three have all your needs covered.

Body Oils

While this Neutrogina oil is intended to slick over your body after your bath or shower, you can pour a little bit into your bath to reap the benefits whilst you wallow. The incredibly light, sesame seed formula doesn't make you feel greasy at all, nor does it feel like you're bathing in a tub of oil. Making sure to only add a few drops will avoid any heaviness and leave your skin feeling nourished and soft. It doesn't seem like much to add to your bath, but it's just a little extra something to treat your skin to. Designed to aid particularly dry skin, this natural oil formula is a great addition to your bath-time during colder months.

Lush Bath Bombs

This seems like a glaringly obvious inclusion, but it wouldn't feel right to leave the masters of all things bath related out of this post. Lush's expansive collection of bath bombs, fizzes and bubble bars have made them a favourite with all beauty lovers. Their products are all cruelty-free, vegetarian and made here in the UK (Poole, Dorset to be exact). The huge variety of scents, playful colours and textures on offer make them unrivalled when it comes to picking out something beautiful for your bath. Want oils? Lots of bubbles? Glitter? Lush will have you covered. I got this cute little Butterbear for Christmas and his soft, vanilla scent is just crying out to be crumbled into my bath tub. Baths can be fun and relaxing!

Essential Oils

Unlike the Neutrogina oil which provides immediate benefits to your skin, essential oils can be great to help you unwind. These relaxing massage oils by Enchanted Brave are not just strictly reserved for massages; add a couple of drops to your hot bath and feel yourself unwind as you inhale the essence-infused steam. Like a mini spa treatment in your own home, adding some of these scents to the water can have a huge impact on your mental well-being. Baths are all about de-stressing, so what better way than to fill your bathroom with these luxurious, relaxing aromas to make the most of this 'down time'? It's been well-proven that aromatherapy has a multitude of health benefits, such as reducing anxiety, helping you sleep better, eradicating headaches, easing depression and increasing circulation, so there's nothing to lose by incorporating this into your bath time. A small bottle of essence oil will see you through so many baths (and are wonderfully multi-functional), so grab one, pamper yourself and start turning your bathroom into a spa!

What do you like adding to your bath to help you unwind? Are you a fan of any of these?

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