Ardell False Lashes

When I noticed these incredibly natural-looking Ardell lashes in Boots one day, I knew I had to buy them. The length of each lash differs, and a slight natural curl makes them an amazing dupe for real lashes. Perfect for trichotillomania sufferers like myself then...or so I thought. Unfortunately, they promised a lot more on face value, and my opinions on them were left torn after trying them out.

First things first; packaging. I couldn't decide whether the packaging of these lashes was really interesting and unique or downright creepy. It's just an eye-less face staring at you...Anyway, the lashes come in a little transparent plastic box, with the glue hidden underneath.  The lashes themselves are the perfect width, so there's no faffing about trying to cut them to shape as you would with some others.

The glue was the first thing I was disappointed with; who even puts lash glue in silly plastic tubes which you have to tear open anymore?! It makes it so difficult to get the glue onto the lashes, let alone an even layer of it! I ended up using the wand applicator of another glue just for added accuracy.

The staying power of the glue itself was average. I would say without a couple of coats these wouldn't last more than a few hours. For someone who wears them daily and expects them to last from morning to night, this was quite a let down. The glue that comes with these lashes also takes a while to dry. Usually, it goes tacky and dries clear almost instantly, but I was left with white glue on my lid.

Next is the design. I usually look for the lashes to cross over as this makes them seamlessly natural, meaning I can pass them off as my own. While the lashes don't cross over at the base of the strip, they do naturally lap over each other further down. Because of this, there is unfortunately noticeable gaps between the lashes near the lash line; something I didn't get with the Kiss falsies. As you can tell from the pictures, my lack of lashes is very evident, and I knew it. As a result, I didn't feel particularly confident wearing these.

The length of these Ardell lashes is one of the plus points. They do give great volume, but perhaps a bit too much if you're using them as a replacement for your own lashes and not simply an enhancement. They are also unusually heavy. With many false lashes, such as Eylure or Kiss, after 10 minutes they become barely noticeable and I forget I'm wearing them because they're so light. However, these Ardell ones seemed to really weigh my eyes down, and it became an effort to flutter or blink.

Overall, these are not the wonder-lashes for trichotillomania sufferers I was hoping they would be. They leave noticeable gaps where your lashes should be and feel too heavy for daily wear. However, they are great if you want a glamourous pair of lashes to enhance your own on a night out. The length and volume give a sultry flutter, and will blend seamlessly with your own lashes with a bit of mascara. They also have an incredible curl to them, making them ideal for finishing a night-time make-up look. My only advice would be to use another glue you might have lying around to prevent them flapping about whilst you're boogying away!

 These retail for £5.49 in Boots.

I don't normally like doing negative reviews, but these left me so torn I wanted to share and know what you think! Are you convinced by Ardell lashes?


  1. Finding falsies that look natural has always been the hardest thing for me. I always find they are too heavy on my eyelid and more than halfway through the day I'm absolutely done. Are there any that are available in the states that you loooove?

    1. To be honest, these are the only ones I've tried that feel majorly heavy. I love Eylure and Kiss lashes, although I'm not sure if they're available in the states. They probably are, and if you can get hold of them Kiss lashes are the best! They feel so natural you forget they're on your eyelid!

  2. These are like every youtubers favourite lashes so I was surprised you didn't like them! Then again I suppose people do use them for different purposes so have different opinions on them! I absolutely love the Eyelure natural lashes, they're definitely my favourites because I don't like that heavy obvious look that some fake lashes give, I like it when people think they're real :P

    1. Eylure are definitely perfect for that natural 'of course these are my own lashes' look! I'm sure these are fab, but they're just not good for trichotillomania sufferers or those with no eyelashes who are looking to falsies to cover up the illness!

  3. These are definitely beautiful on! But I would HATE to have that stupid plastic tube to apply glue. Why wouldn't you just have a normal wand? :S My favourite range are the Katy Perry eyelashes I used them all the time and they're so easy to apply (plus comfortable!) xx

    1. Thanks Jordan! The glue was definitely the biggest disappointment, I didn't know brands still did those tubes! The Katy Perry lashes are great, and I think I've spotted some new designs around too! xx


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