Eyelash Primers And Why You Should Be Using One

When you have trichotillomania, it's a moment of sheer joy when you start to see those tiny little eyelashes making their way back through. You start creating a mental wishlist of every mascara you've been wanting to try out, waiting for this glorious moment when you can start rebuilding a full lash-line. Whether you have trichotillomania, naturally short lashes or just want to maximise the length for extra impact, you need to be using a lash primer underneath your mascara. We've all heard of using a primer underneath your foundation to boost longevity and even out your skin tone, but little did you know you should be using one on your eyelashes too if you really want that wow-factor flutter.

Eyelash primers are essentially a base coat for your lashes. As you would apply a face primer, pop a coat of the lash primer onto bare lashes, ready to layer your favourite mascara on top. Whilst some mascaras may give you the volume and length of your dreams, you'll find that the majority leave you wanting something a little more. Lash primers, usually a white mascara formula, will help form a protective base before you add your regular mascara. It may seem like another unnecessary step in your already complex beauty routine, but lash primers will help to strengthen lashes, give the illusion of a thicker, fuller lash line and elongate your flutter beyond what your mascara could achieve. Not only do they enhance your lashes, but they maximise the impact your mascara will have.

While many brands sell the primers separately (Smashbox, MAC and Clinique have white formulas, while Estee Lauder and Benefit do tinted versions), you'll probably be most aware of the magical lash must-have through the fad for double-ended mascaras about 10 years ago. There was genius behind them, as the white end acted as a primer ready for the tinted end to be applied afterwards. Although I often find the actual mascara ends to be a bit naff on these double-ended products, I always use the white priming end of the L'Oreal Double Extension mascara on my lashes before applying a different mascara on top (I've listed all of my favourite mascaras for short lashes here). When my eyelashes are just starting to grow back, they are incredibly short to the extent that I wouldn't even be able to apply mascara. However, brushing a little primer on them helps to lengthen them enough to pop a bit of mascara on. The transformation from bare lashes, to just mascara, to primer and mascara is unreal. It creates lashes where you never knew you had any and truly adds heaps of length to your eyelashes! Think your lashes, but 100 times better. If you have short, stubby lashes like me, you need to get hold of an eyelash primer and see the difference it makes for yourself.

Do you use an eyelash primer? What do you think of these products?

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  1. I have a sample size of the Benefit primer and I think I actually prefer it to the normal They're Real! I like that you can wear primers just on their own for a subtle look, as well as to boost the longevity of your usual mascara :)

    Laura // Laura Wardrobe

    1. I wish I picked one up when they were free with a magazine. I've heard nothing but good things about the Benefit primer! x

  2. I really want to try the Benefit lash primer, it looks amazing!! I totally agree that using an mascara primer is the same as a face primer haha:)

    Emily xo

    1. Totally...and who wouldn't want longer lashes?! xx


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