OnZen's Innovative Bath Tablets: A Hot Spring In Your Own Home?

The busier our lives seem to get, the more important it is to take time to look after ourselves. I've recently posted about a few beauty products you can pop in your bath to make it even more relaxing; these oils and scents are lovely, but it's equally important to reap the physical benefits of a bath for your skin, and not just focus on the mental element of relaxation. These innovative tablets from OnZen help do just that, and remind us to look after our skin whilst doing all the hard work for us. We're so used to running a bath and adding in our favourite bubble baths, bath bombs or essential oils (focusing on the relaxing element of a long soak). OnZen looks at the water itself, rather than what you can add to it. They have created products which alter the water you are bathing in to make it more beneficial to your skin and circulation. Genius!

There are three different ranges within the OnZen brand; home spa, hair and balance. Balance is aimed at creating an optimal pH and is designed for more dry, sensitive skin types, whilst home spa works at creating a "hot spring experience" in your bath. Sounds luxurious, no? Whilst all three ranges come in the form of small, round tablets, balance and home spa are designed for popping in your bath. When you start to run the water, OnZen say to add 3 to 5 tablets to your bathtub in order to dissolve them and start reaping the benefits of healthier, softer skin. I found that just using 2 or 3 had equally amazing results though if you wanted to get the most out of the product.

OnZen also do a range of these tablets for your hair. With a similar formula to the others, the hair tablets aim at scalp regeneration, strengthening hair and also promoting hair growth. Designed to combat a range of modern hair woes (exposure to pollution, UV radiation, heat and stress), the mineral tablets provide a thorough cleanse which works alongside your usual shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Think of it as an extra boost for your hair. Whilst I haven't noticed as big a difference with these as I have with the home spa range, the hair tablets have left my hair noticeably shinier and easier to manage- my post-blow-dry frizz has definitely calmed down after using these! If baths aren't your thing, you can always pop a tablet in Onzen's specially designed shower head and still get the same mineral spa benefits. The hair tablets are also popped in this shower head; just unscrew it, pop one tablet into the slot and watch it dissolve with the water as you wash your hair. It does come with an adapter, but I have had no issues with attaching the shower head- it was far easier than I thought!

The Bicarbonate Carbonic Citric Acid ion combination (try saying that after a few drinks!) and natural, fragrance-free formula used within the products has tried to replicate the conditions found within the Japanese-style hot springs in order to bring these traditional spa techniques to your home. While it seems science-y and technical, the innovative mineral spa product has numerous effects such as relaxation, improving blood circulation (through the small release of carbon dioxide, also known as the Bohr effect), encouraging skin cell regeneration and collagen repair, gentle cleaning of skin and, most noticeably, leaves skin incredibly soft. I have been trying out the Home Spa range, and can vouch for how lovely, moisturised and nourished my skin feels after popping a few of these tablets in my bath. What's better is that you can always add your favourite Lush bath bomb or aromatherapy products on top of these tablets; the ability to mix and match ensures you still retain the 'time out' element of having a bath whilst leaving your skin well looked after. Each range comes in packs of 10, 30 and 100 tablets starting at £16. They're not necessarily a 'must-have', but are an innovative and fuss-free way to look after your skin and a great product to try out if you love adding relaxing bits and bobs to your bath!

 What do you think of this product? Is it an interesting innovation that you'd give a go?

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