Hand-Made Soy Wax Melts By Valley Mill (Natural & Irritant-Free)

Is there anything more relaxing than lighting a candle, grabbing a book and a glass of wine and just doing nothing else for the rest of the evening? Whenever I feel stressed, the first thing I do is head to something scented to lift my mood- whether this materializes in the form of aromatherapy oils, candles, or oil burners. Having gorgeous scents filling your home, combined with the mood lighting a candle provides, is a tried-and-tested way to bring a little luxury to your life. Whilst my home is littered with an array of different candles, one thing I've never really had the pleasure of using is an oil burner. These Valley Mill wax melts are a great place to start, and have started somewhat of an obsession.

Hand-made in Wales, Valley Mill use natural soy wax in all of their wax melts and candles to bring you eco-friendly products which provide a "better scent throw". Use of soy wax in candle-like products are also renowned for their cleaner and longer burn, compared to their paraffin wax alternative, as well as notable positives of no animal testing, no nasty ingredients and sustainability. My mum has been using these wax melts in our family home and the switch to natural soy wax has made a huge difference. Any scented candles or melts burned in our home usually irritate my Dad's eyes and throat (he is very sensitive to anything heavily scented and smoky), but these gorgeous Valley Mill wax melts have been used with no complaints whatsoever.

There are a number of different scents to choose from, including Mixed Berries, Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Roast Chestnut and Welsh Cake. I tried out the Coconut and Chocolate Truffle scents. As a chocolate lover, I was slightly disappointed that the wax melts didn't smell that strongly- on first whiff I could only detect a vague indication of the good stuff. I couldn't even tell the coconut ones were supposed to be coconut. HOWEVER, despite them smelling not quite like what they are supposed to be, they smell absolutely heavenly. I prefer the scent they have to what they could be if they were more chocolate-y, for example (if that makes sense). The coconut is light and refreshing, whilst the chocolate truffle has a slightly heavier, richer smell.

Within each little box, you receive five wax melts; you can easily get about five uses out of each one, which is amazing value! They are seriously high quality products that fill your home with a gorgeous, relaxing scent which isn't overpowering in the slightest. For £6.25 a box, these are seriously good value wax melts that you will get so much use out of. The natural ingredients is a huge selling point for me, and the fact that they didn't irritate my Dad in the slightest is a miracle- we are yet to find a product which doesn't affect him, so that really speaks volumes! Definitely check out Valley Mill if you are a candle-lover on a budget!

Do you prefer wax melts to candles? Have you benefitted from switching to products made with soy wax?

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  1. These wax melts look so nice and I bet they smell amazing! I wish I had heard of this beforehand!
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