A First Glimpse: The Body Shop's NEW Christmas Range

It feels very strange writing this post in October, but seeing as most brands showcase their Christmas launches in the middle of summer, I guess this post isn't quite as early as it could have been! As many of you may have noticed, Halloween and Bonfire Night haven't even passed yet and the Christmas cards are already being stocked in stores! In fact, I think they've been out for at least the past month or so...doesn't it seem to come around faster each year?! Although festive gifts may be the last thing on your list at the moment, if you're anything like me, you might be starting to plan and budget for this year's Christmas presents. Each year, the Body Shop infamously bring out a new range of festive scents to accompany their regular favourites, along with cute gift-sized samples and box-wrapped sets to give to loved ones. As the 25th December creeps back around, here is a first glimpse at what the Body Shop have to offer this year.

With each Christmas that comes by, beauty brands seem to push the boundaries even more. The Body Shop are another brand to continue the trend of beauty advent calendars, offering a few to suit different budgets (a great option, especially as many can get incredibly pricey). Alongside the usual festive sets, the Body Shop are bringing out three new scents to celebrate the festive season with. The first of these is Frosted Berries; a sweet scent infused with a tangy hit of cranberry. Think of a berry smoothie and you get this fragrance; cranberries, currents, and a faint raspberry smell makes this new addition a great one for those who want to fit in with the festivities without having to indulge in the often overly spiced scents (which I personally hate). It is very sweet, so not for those who prefer much more subtle scents! The body butter is, as always, indulgently rich and nourishes your skin thanks to the seasonal inclusion of cranberry seed oil.

Like last year, the Body Shop are also selling their shimmer body spritzes. The Frosted Berries version, although quite sweet and heady and to be sprayed in very small doses, looks adorable in its own beauty-inspired snow globe. A shake of the perfume bottle mixes the shimmer and scent, created a swirly, sparkly formula that fits the festivities perfectly. It's probably one of the more fun and exciting things within the range. The Body Shop sets include the usuals; body butters, scrubs, shower gels, lotions and hand creams to ensure there's something for everyone and also makes the perfect beauty bath and body sets to give as gifts.

Moving on, another new fragrance to the Body Shop's 2016 Christmas collection is Vanilla Chai. Upon hearing of the new scents, this was the one I was most intrigued and excited by. Unfortunately, it smells overly perfumed and reminded me of straight-up-from-the-bottle vanilla extract. Instead of that meaning it takes me back to homely memories of baking, it's too sharp, too concentrated to be that enjoyable. The chai spice does add that bit of warmth to the scent, but don't go thinking this is like your Starbucks order; it's a bold addition that might not be everyone's cup of tea. Although the scent is daringly strong, to use this is actually far more subtle. You skin is left with a slight spiced, warm fragrance which is far more pleasant than the initial 'vanilla essence' smell. A scent which I think is one that you need to grow to love.

The last scent within this festive range is Spiced Apple. I actually expected to like this the least (I find that, like cherry, apple scents often smell disgustingly artificial), but found myself lusting after this warm, spicy scent. This, to me, is a fantastic Christmassy fragrance that will be a great one to try out this winter. Although it is quite strong and relatively sweet, much like the Frosted Berries, because it is so strongly festive I think Spiced Apple can get away with it a bit more. It's heavy and packed full of punches of cinnamon. For someone who doesn't like spiced scents, this has really won me over. It is perhaps better in small doses, such as in this cute little 'handbag-friendly' hand cream, as it is quite strong, but it's one of those that will instantly make you think of the festive season and definitely get you in the mood for Christmas!

These are not available in store yet (and I'm not 100% sure when they will be), but if you know anyone who sells Body Shop goods from home, they will have the range available for to buy you now if you fancy getting your Christmas beauty goods early! (Maybe too early?!).

Do you like the sound of these new Christmas scents? Which one do you think you will go for?

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  1. I love the sound of the Frosted Berries stuff, especially the body spritz!

    Ella xx

    1. I love it! The spritz is so lovely and shimmery- perfect for xmas! xx


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