Nouveau Lashes (And Which Ones Are Best For Covering Hair Loss) + WIN!

My long journey with trichotillomania has fuelled an unhealthy obsession with false eyelashes. From the age of about 15 (when I first learned of their beautiful existence), I have been on the quest to find the perfect styles for covering up my lack of eyelashes. No longer do we have to suffer with a smudge of black eyeliner, or even face the fear of baring our bald lids in public; the right pair of false eyelashes can not only replicate the flutter we should have, but also boost our confidence beyond our dreams. Whilst I've tried a few brands in my time, Nouveau Lashes is fairly new to my beauty radar. I've handpicked the best ones that you need to try out if you suffer from hair loss.

Established in 2005 by beauty gurus Karen Betts and Bridgette Softly (both famous for their work in permanent make-up), the brand has a background in dealing with those who suffer from hair loss. I know that both are specialists in eyebrow tattooing in particular, so would have come across their fair share of hair loss sufferers in their time; they know how it effects people and what they are looking for in a cover-up. This makes Nouveau Lashes the perfect place to start for anyone who has lost their eyelashes. Whilst the brand also works with salons to provide enhancement treatments and eyelash extensions, when it comes to covering signs of hair loss, it's their vast range of false eyelashes that I'm interested in. There are twelve styles (four in the 'natural' category, four in the 'volume' range and four 'glamour' lash strips), and whilst they are all great, I particularly love the look of the following six styles...

For a seamlessly natural look:

Nouveau Lashes Volume - Style 1. These lashes remind me of my favourite Kiss ones. The criss-cross effect of the eyelashes means that any eyelash gaps aren't so obvious, whilst the subtle lift and curl of these are great for adding a bit of glamour. Very natural and perfect for everyday wear.

Nouveau Lashes Natural - Style 2. Very similar to the ones above, these have the same criss-crossing but without the curl of the volume set. These are a better base to work with; you can always add a touch of mascara to these to provide curl when necessary.

For a touch of volume:

Nouveau Lashes Volume - Style 2. These lashes are a bit darker and more tightly packed in that the previous, more natural styles, making them great for a little bit of extra excitement. Whilst they don't feature a crossing over at the base of the lash, the volume is focused towards the end, with the varying lash lengths providing a natural finish.

Nouveau Lashes Volume - Style 4. A very interesting style that I've never really chosen before, again this style is a lot darker for a glamourous look with volume impact. Although a bit gappy at the base, the strategic bunching of lashes makes for a full flutter which actually looks surprisingly natural when on.

For a sultry evening look:

Nouveau Lashes Glamour - Style 1. Featuring some serious criss-crossing (my ultimate trich cover-up trick), this pair is a fantastic option for covering up gaps yet still creating an impact on a night out due to the immense lift and curl. Almost like an evening version of the Volume Style 1 eyelashes, I can see these being a firm favourite.

Nouveau Lashes Glamour - Style 4. A real full-lashed effect, these lashes are best for perfect drama. Full and packed in at the base, these will cover any gaps you may have whilst providing oodles of volume. While they aren't necessarily natural-looking, these are a seamless pair which would be fab for a night out.

Although these are a few I've picked out for their notable features which I personally look out for in a good pair of eyelashes, this is only half of their range. I have found that their eyelashes are slightly too long for my eyelids (like most brands are), but it's nothing that a little hair cut can't sort! Their glue is also OK and does the job, but I did find myself reapplying after a couple of hours. Whilst I usually keep a little glue in my bag anyway just in case, you will definitely need to keep some on you if you're using their Ultra Bond glue. It's strong, but perhaps not strong enough for totally bald eyelids. Regardless, these are minor details, and when it comes to covering hair loss, it is the style of the eyelashes which I think is most important. Get the style right and you can pass the lashes off as your own, or at least cover any tell-tale signs; I believe Nouveau Lashes get this part completely right with their designs.

 As such, I'm giving away some of their lashes for two lucky winners to try! Each winner will win a bundle of three sets of eyelashes (with glue included) so you can give them a go at home. The competition is UK-only, and if you're under 18, please get parent or guardian's permission (you will need to provide an address if you win!). Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below....GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I really like the natural looking ones. I pretty much stick to one brand for eyelashes so I need to broaden my experiences because I adore applying them. I think my favourite one of these is style 2.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  2. I love the natural looking ones, I can fool everyone with those!


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