Travalo: A Practical Essential For Holidays And Festivals

Having just survived a 10 day holiday with only hand luggage to rely on (I know, life is so tough for me), I know how annoying those airport liquid restrictions are. Especially for a beauty addict, weeks worth of meticulous planning goes into what can be squeezed into the 20cm X 20cm plastic bag; what will make the cut, and what luxuries will have to be sacrificed. If only I discovered Travalo a little earlier; having ditched my perfume in order to fit in sun cream (priorities, eh), I really could have done with one of these little bottles to slip into the liquids bag.

travalo classic holiday festival essential

These Travalo classic designs look sleek, are incredibly useful and airport approved, so there are no surprises when you go through security. Featuring a Genie-S 'pump to fill' system, the 5ml bottle connects straight to the pump within your perfume bottle, meaning the transfer is seamless and spillage of your precious favourite scent is kept minimal. I've seen this type of product floating around before, and I have to say, they really are ingenious. Each bottle contains about 50 sprays of perfume, so more than enough to see you through a holiday or festival!

travalo classic summer essential

As these bottles are not made of glass (ensuring their airport approval), they are really light to carry around in luggage or even pop in your handbag for perfume top-ups throughout the day. While I can see myself predominantly using this contraption for perfume, it can be used for all different products; perfect for if you're dying to take that refreshing face mist away with you this summer! I love the added detail of a little window at the front of the bottle, allowing you to keep track of how much perfume or product you have left. The size makes it ideal for travelling of any sorts, be it holidays, festivals, or a weekend at the boyfriend's when you don't want to lug a whole bottle of Marc Jacobs' perfume with you (complete with plastic daisies sprouting from the lid).

travalo classic perfume bottle

The Travalo Classic is available in ten different shades (the light pink is adorable) and retails at £12.49. While it may seem steep, the variety of uses it provides makes it so worth it. It's an incredibly versatile product that you will be able to use over and over again, due to the easy-peasy refill system. From big trips away to a compact way to access your perfume top-ups while you're out shopping, I can see these being absolute essentials over the summer.

travalo perfume bottle

What's a handy little gadget that you always take away with you?

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