Redken Colour Extend Magnetics: Lock In Your Hair Colour For Longer

I've been dying my hair since I was in my mid-teens after always wanting to be brunette. My mousy blonde-brown hair was, to me, boring. I wanted something a little bolder, and playing around with different colours and styles became a way of finding out what suited my appearance and personality. Starting with those awful wash-in, wash-out colours, I progressed to dabbling in home dyes and salon treatments, however, always found that the colour faded incredibly fast. As a broke student, saving up to splash out £70+ on a new, coloured 'do, only to find the vibrancy of the colour gone after a couple of weeks, is hugely disappointing. In an attempt to make my colour last a little longer this time, I tried Redken's Colour Extend range, hoping I would finally get my money's worth of hair colour.

Specifically designed for use on coloured hair, Redken Colour Extend helps protect your dyed colour from fading whist strengthening your hair and giving it an unprecedented shine. UVA and UVB filters help protect against fading, cranberry oil boosts the appearance of your colour and shine, while the interlock protein network and ceramine strengthens hair post-dye. While the product claims to prevent fading even with daily washes, I believe this to be exaggerated. If you want to extend the life of your colour, you've got to take added little steps to improve its longevity. It's probably not enough to just use this shampoo and conditioner; try washing every 3 days (using dry shampoo to prevent greasiness instead), making sure you use good heat protection products, and drying your hair on a warmer setting to give your new colour more of a chance of surviving.

I've been using the Colour Extend shampoo and conditioner for the past 4 weeks, and have seen a huge difference in my hair colour. Instead of fading after 2 weeks, these products have really helped to lock my dark brown colour into place far better than usual. While it has faded somewhat (naturally- your colour won't last forever), it has definitely extended its longevity by a few weeks; it even survived 10 days in the Greek sun! Even my red tones haven't completely faded to ginger yet- something I was most surprised and impressed about! I only have a mini 30ml bottle of each, but as you only need a tiny amount of each per wash, it has lasted ages. I'd say I'm only about a third of the way through the bottle, and could probably get another 2 weeks of washes in! The product smells divine, providing a constant reminder of salon treatments, and the shampoo lathers up incredibly well.

While this isn't a one-stop miracle product that'll leave your hair looking freshly dyed for months on end, this is a great way to ensure your colour does last that little bit longer (especially when combined with other colour protecting tricks). It is pricey- my minis cost £5 each, while full-size bottles come in at between £11 and £13- but it is a wise investment if you do colour your hair a lot and are fed up of it fading fast.

What are your tips for making colour last longer? Would you invest in Redken?

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