The Make-Up Brushes That Changed My Foundation Game

Make-up brushes are an essential in anyone's beauty regime. Apart from being far more hygienic than using your fingers, brushes make the application of foundation and concealer easier and provide you with a flawless finish. Having always used a flat foundation brush (the most common type), I have recently found that a larger brush with a flatter head can really help to buff that foundation into your skin. Flat foundation brushes can often leave you with a streaky finish, as the bristles drag the formula around your face. These two brushes, from RealTechniques and EcoTools, avoid this by working creamy or liquid formulas into the skin, creating a more natural, perfected look. Since using them, I have noticed a massive difference to my base make-up and would never go back to the bog-standard foundation brushes.

This RealTechniques buffing brush has been featured on this blog before. With their flat foundation brush being too small to provide me with the quick coverage I would like, I tried using this brush to apply liquid foundation instead. Not only is it a gorgeous brush to have on your dressing table, it works wonders when trying to get that seamless look. The bristles are super-soft, and combined with the large, slightly flat head means buffing the foundation into your skin is a dream. Being a larger brush means that it covers your face really quickly. You will probably find you will need less foundation to provide a good level of coverage too, as this brush is fab for evenly working the product across the face. This is available as part of the RealTechniques Core Collection which costs £21.99 for four brushes.

A newer addition to my team of brushes is this EcoTools beauty. Their Skin Perfecting brush is much like this buffing brush, only smaller. It does take more time to work foundation over the face, and is certainly not as soft as the RealTechniques counterpart, but is a great, cheaper alternative that'll leave your skin looking incredible. The bristles are fluffy enough to avoid that streaky look which others leave, while the slightly angled head helps to buff foundation into every corner of your face. With the bristles more tightly packed than the RealTechniques buffing brush, this EcoTools brush is far better for building up coverage. It only costs £7.99 from Boots, and is an interesting addition to the usual foundation brushes.

These two brushes are a little different but make such a change to the way you apply foundation. I would strongly recommend both to give your skin that airbrushed finish; you won't look back after trying these!

Would you try these brushes? What do you use to apply foundation?

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