A SUMMER MUST-HAVE! Why Face Mists Are A Handbag Essential This Season

They sound quite pretentious, but face mists and spritzes are something that I've been using more and more as the weather starts to perk up a bit. Not only are they perfect for popping in your handbag, but they ensure your make-up stays looking 'on point' throughout the day and have incredible cooling effects. We've all been there in summer, when it's so hot that your make-up feels like it's melting off your face. Well, a little spray of these mists adds a little helping hand in fixing your make-up into place, making them an essential in your beauty repertoire for these upcoming months.

While it may seem a bit odd spritzing something onto your face (causing the inevitably unattractive scrunched-up trying-not-to-breathe face), these are definitely handy little bottles to carry around with you, especially if you suffer from particularly oily skin or feel your make-up never stays put for long in the warmer months. The two I've been using loads at the moment are La Roche-Posay's Serozinc and Balance Me's Skin Bright Hydrating face mist. Both offer slightly different things, but are both equally fabulous for those mid-day make-up boosts.

La Roche-Posay's mist is perfect for controlling oil and making skin look a little less greasy throughout the day. I can see this being amazing during the really hot months. While it is technically supposed to be used between cleansing and moisturising, I find this better for little top ups during the day over make-up; the zinc sulphate solution really helps to matte, soothe skin and cool you down a bit (without having to waft any random bit of paper in front of your face in hope for a slight breeze). It only costs £8.99, and is something I'll definitely be getting a lot of use from, both at home and on holiday.

Balance Me's face mist aims to soothe dry skin, unlike La Roche-Posay's focus on oiliness. While it is more expensive at £20, it is definitely my favourite of the two, despite Serozinc's cult status. Underlined with a beautifully fresh scent, this mist is great for hydrating skin and giving a quick-fix surge of moisture. It definitely brightens your skin, and often find myself using it by late afternoon when my skin is starting to look a little tired. I love a dewy look (especially during summer), and this mist really helps to add that little bit of radiance. A gorgeous summer glow and amazing cooling effects? You can't really go wrong.

I can see face mists becoming a serious must-have for the summer, purely because of the variety of benefits one little bottle can hold. They are a fab multi-tasker than can help your skin deal with the hotter temperatures; these are going to be the first things I pack for my holiday!

Are you a fan of face mists? Which ones have you tried?

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  1. OMG YES, I THINK MISTS/SPRAYS ARE PRETENTIOUS TOO. I've never cared for them until I picked up one by Pai and gotta say, now a convert. I'm sure this would make me look pretentious in other people's eyes (heh), but I think the right mist can do wonders. The Balance Me one sounds wonderful and much like the Pai one I have atm! (Calming, hydrating)

    1. Yeah they do sound very similar! At first I was worried I'd look stupid whipping a face mist out but now I'm spritzing all over the place x


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