Glamour In A Case: Enrapture Extremely Heated Rollers

You may (or may not) have noticed a slight blogging absence from me over the past few weeks. After completing my dissertation and final university exam, I am finally free to start blogging again! WAHAY! To mark my return, I thought I'd show you a hair product that I've been loving at the moment. I hate having straight hair, either tying it back or curling it depending on the occasion and how I feel. While I usually use this Remington curling wand, it mainly creates natural-looking loose waves rather than curls with that extra oomph. These Enrapture heated rollers fill that hair gap, providing a glamourous look with minimal effort.

enrapture extremely heated rollers

I love anything which provides ease of use. I cannot be doing with faffing about when I'm styling my hair, with my impatience always getting the better of me. The great thing about these heated rollers is how quick and easy they are to use. You simply plug the case in, wait for the red bars on the front to fill up to maximum (indicating they are at peak heat to use), then wrap sections of hair around the hot rollers before clipping them into place. While normal rollers can give that extra bounce too, the best thing about using the heated version is the longevity of the curls which it provides. Heat being emitted from both the rollers and the butterfly clips ensures that curls last even longer; something I don't usually get when using tongs or curlers. Your hair could be ready to go in 15-20 minutes; they only take 2 minutes to heat up, and 10 minutes cooling time in your hair, meaning you can continue getting ready while the rollers are working their magic. How effortless is that!?

enrapture heated rollers review

One thing I was concerned about, having never used heated rollers before, was that I would have to work extra-fast to put the rollers in, fearing the high heat would burn my hands. This is not the case; they feature a slow heat release as soon as they're in your hand yet once in your hair provides the heat needed to craft a perfect curl. Once you've done a few, the rolling process becomes far easier and faster to do, meaning that after one go you've got the routine down to a tee. The set comes with 20 rollers (10 medium and 10 large), meaning there is a great variety for different lengths of hair. The range also allows more choice in your style- you can go for full on glamour curls, as I have attempted to replicate, or simply use around the top of your head to create some extra lift and volume at the root.

Before the magic rollers

hair style enrapture heated rollers
Extra-bouncy post-roller hair!

These Enrapture rollers are fabulous for anyone who is as impatient as me when doing their hair. It includes minimal fuss; bung the rollers in, have a cuppa (or G+T), brush the curls out (or however you like to style it) and your barnet will be looking fancy before you know it. I love experimenting with different styles using these heated rollers, and find them great for creating those vintage, glamourous 40s/50s looks. Definitely a must-have to get ready for a night out!

Do you love heated rollers? Have you tried these Enrapture ones?

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  1. These look so great! I'm definitely a wake up and maybe brush my hair maybe not kinda girl so this looks like far too much effort to me but your hair looks amazing! I love that hollywood glamour look on you, it really suits you :)

    1. Aww thanks Allie! It's not much effort at all, I can never be bothered with my hair and I find them so quick and easy to use xx


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