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There's been quite a lot of change recently at Eylure, one of my all-time favourite lash brands. Not only have they re-branded with a new logo and sleek, modern packaging design but they've also launched a new lash range, the Pro Magnetic lashes. The latest range from the busy bees at Eylure head the trend for magnetic lashes (I've since see quite a few brands launch their own!). Although magnetic lashes have been around for a little while, they were never hugely successful and a bit of a flop. However, Eylure seem to have revamped the trend with a range of three different styles (accent, wispy and volume) that offer something for everyone.

Following on from the success of their C Lash range, Eylure seem to be on a mission to make false lashes more and more accessible, as the Pro Magnetic range claims to allow you to apply lashes with ease- no faffing around with glue, easy to remove and lasting for up to 15 wears. I found the concept so interesting; the lashes have four small magnet blocks attached to the strip and these essentially secure themselves to the magnetic eyeliner, which you receive within the pack. As someone who suffers from hair loss (if you didn't know by now!), I wondered how these lashes would fare for those who had no eyelashes whatsoever.

Wearing false eyelashes is something that becomes easier with practice, but I remember when I was first starting out. The glue was a complete faff and (back in the day) wasn't ever strong enough to keep the lashes secured in place all day without the corners pinging up. It took a while to get used to the placement and build up a portfolio of little tips and tricks to help the application easier, as it can be even more difficult when you have no lashes underneath to hold the lashes up. The Pro Magnetic range offered potential as a new breed of false lashes that could revolutionise this area of beauty for hair loss sufferers.

When these initially launched a couple of months ago, my lashes were non-existent. It was the perfect time to try these out and see how they worked. The instructions say to apply 3 coats of the eyeliner, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. The eyeliner itself is quite runny and applies quite thick- I found it difficult to get a precise line. This isn't a huge issue, as when you apply lashes over the top there is always room to tidy the look, but it does mean that you do have to smooth things over with a separate liner once the lashes are in place. Other than that, I have no problems with the liner and it is a gorgeous jet black colour.

The next step was to apply the lashes. I found that the lashes were far too long for my lash line and desperately needed trimming down. But, because the magnets are secured in four equal distances along the strip, if you cut the lashes you will be removing one of the magnets and leaving a large section of the strip at the end with nothing to secure it down with. However, the lashes were just too long so I had to cut them, not only to make them fit properly, but to make them comfortable to wear. I think these lashes would have a lot more potential if they didn't need trimming (although I guess it's never going to be perfect as everyone is different!).

Despite adding more layers of the Pro Magnetic liner, bending the lashes to try and make them more flexible, and angling them every way I could, I just couldn't get these to stay down. Because of the positioning of the magnets on the strip, you need to apply the band flat to your lash line; but in doing so, the lashes droop down with nothing to hold them up! When I did get two out of the three magnets secured, the other would be pinging up with no hope of getting it back down. I tried many a time with no luck whatsoever, leaving me a bit disheartened as I couldn't even take photos to show what they looked like on...because I couldn't get them on in the first place! I had never had this with a set of lashes. I would definitely not recommend these if you wanted a set of false lashes to cover baldness.

Fast forward to now and I have managed to grow back a full set of lashes that, at the time of writing, can be curled, mascara'd and fluttered. I saw the Pro Magnetic packet sitting on my dressing table and thought about whether I would have better luck applying them when I have my own lashes there to support the false ones. I applied one coat of mascara first and then the three layers of Pro Magnetic eyeliner...and managed to get the magnetic lashes to stick for the first time! Success! I did have one hiccup where one of the inner corners didn't quite want to stick down. If you do need to re-position the lashes or move them at all, you will have to take them off again and go in with yet another layer of the eyeliner. But even with doing this, that one inner corner didn't click into place, but just about barely clung on to the eyeliner. It didn't look secure, but it was the best I was going to get so just worked with it.

One thing that I found helped loads was, because of the angle of the magnets, to apply a coat of the eyeliner along your eyelashes as well as along the lash line. It seemed to give them a bit more staying power. I was nervous that they would be pinging off at any given moment, but they actually felt a lot more secure that I expected; even with wiggling them around they didn't come unstuck. I'm not sure how they would fare on a night out though...I think I would stick with glue! As with all Eylure lashes, these felt lightweight, and removing them was a doddle. Instead of having to peel away the glue with the lashes (and then pick the glue off the strip in order to re-use them), they just came away from the eyeliner with no mess or residue. This was a huge plus, and they can be re-used for some time as it's easy to keep them in good condition.

Overall, the Pro Magnetic range is innovative and a really exciting launch within the lash world. However, you absolutely need to have eyelashes in order to wear them (hair loss sufferers- stay clear!) and even then, they feel as though they are mainly secured by sitting on top of your lashes. I don't know how good they would be for more than an hour's wear as ultimately I don't think the magnets are strong enough. The eyeliner, whilst thick, is bold and doesn't smudge, but be wary that it can peel away with the lashes when you take them off or re-adjust. Each pack costs £19.95, which in theory could be quite cost-effective as you can far more wear out of each set then you do with regular lashes, but I think regular lashes are a safer bet. I love the idea of the Pro Magnetic range and truly thought it could be a game-changer, but unfortunately they weren't quite up to scratch for me.

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