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I'm currently in that awkward in-between phase where my eyelashes are starting to poke back through but are too short to properly wear mascara. It seems as though they've taken forever to grow back this time, and I'm so looking forward to being able to wear mascara again! (My aim was to have them back for my holiday next month...fingers crossed!). In the meantime, I'm continuing to wear false eyelashes; not only to cover the baldness/few stubby lashes that are there, but also as a deterrent to pulling them.

Back when I was 16/17 years old, I first discovered Kiss lashes. I still remember how they made me feel; my awe that I had finally found a product that made me feel confident, normal, like me. I looked like I had lashes of my own, despite the baldness they served to cover. Since then, I've continued to use the brand and always look forward to new products and developments. They've created some styles that just work so well for covering trichotillomania; the tapered ends, layering, natural textures...not to mention the glue which actually keeps them secured for a decent amount of time despite the lack of lashes underneath!

The busy bees at Kiss have created yet another new range to add to their Lash Couture collections, called Naked Drama. The past few ranges from Kiss have been quite 'big' lashes; great for dramatic, going-out looks, but not so perfect for day-to-day wear when you want them to look like your own lashes and as natural as possible. This 7-piece range continues this trend, but still sports many of the features that made me fall in love with Kiss lashes.

Each of the new lashes are super fluffy, full and textured; it's difficult to photograph but instead of just a row of lashes on the strip, they are layered on top of each other to create a super natural, three-dimensional look. 'Lacey' and 'Tulle' are probably the fuller, darker styles, 'Eyelet' and 'Veil' provide length, 'Chiffon' is a mix of everything (best for those with lashes) and then 'Organza' and 'Voile' offering a more natural look; 'Organza' is the style I tried.

'Organza' features quite a lot of gathered lashes near the strip which cross over each other to create oodles of texture and also disguise any baldness underneath. I've tried a lot more natural looking lashes in my time, and get really paranoid about any gaps between the false ones; when you look down you can clearly see your baldness underneath, so this layered look is perfect. The tapered ends are almost a signature of Kiss lashes; they do this so well and really makes them look like real eyelashes (rather than flatter ends which are a giveaway that they are false and also look cheaper in my opinion). The only negative here is that these lashes were quite long on; in order to make them suitable for office wear I had to trim the length down and in doing that I lost the gorgeous tapering. If Kiss brought out a range of lashes like these that were a shorter, more natural length they would be perfect.

The band on these is slightly thicker than usual and reminds me of heavier, more luxe lashes. These aren't heavy to wear and still felt just as comfortable as other Kiss lashes, but you can see them in your line of vision because they have that bit more volume. I can wear most other lashes without realising they are there, and it is difficult to describe but I could almost see overhang at the top of my vision (even though they didn't droop at all)....does that make sense to any other hair loss sufferers?! As with most lashes they were slightly too long for my lid so I had to cut the end section off- nothing new there though!

One thing I do want to add is the lift they give. Normally I have to angle other lashes upwards and carefully apply with tweezers; whilst I still used tweezers (as that's just what I'm used to!) these are very lifted so you don't have to worry about getting that perfect angle. If you struggle with getting lashes to sit up without drooping down because there's nothing underneath to hold them up, these would be great as there is no skill needed! The only thing that comes with this is that it makes them look super long (hence my need to trim them)....we can't have everything! This lash style is also by far the shortest of the collection, so if you try the others I can imagine they might need quite a bit of trimming to make them a natural length.

The Naked Drama range only costs £7.99, so very affordable for lashes that can be re-used (because the band is slightly thicker they would be easier to keep in good condition). It's another cracking range from Kiss...I just wish they would come out with a range of slightly shorter lashes that all of us hair loss sufferers are calling out for. Kiss, if you ever happen to read this.... please please please make them!

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