Lash Review: Ardell Natural '172'

So....I guess it's been 3 whole months since I last wrote a blog post! I used to ramble about anything and everything that came into my brain, but blogging has become such an effort that I'm only leaving it for the really important rants, or the products that are truly deserving of a place on this site (and the hours it takes of my life to review them). One of these said products is a style of false lash that I've discovered recently that has CHANGED MY WORLD. The Ardell lashes in style 172 were suggested to me after I posted on Instagram asking for recommendations. Not only have I been wearing them non-stop since, but I think they've become my no 1 lashes for trich. Yep, they're that good.

I typically haven't liked Ardell lashes. Their baby demi-wispies always looked like the perfect lashes for covering hair loss and I desperately wanted them to work for me. Whilst aesthetically they were perfect, they were just too heavy to wear on my bald lids. With no lashes underneath to support them, they drooped a lot and prevented me from getting the natural 'these are my own lashes' look that I wanted. Perhaps great for those with a few gaps here and there, but not ideal for those with nothing at all! As such, I've spent the last 10 years wearing Kiss and Eylure's natural styles that are far more lightweight.

As you can tell, the Ardell 172s look very natural; similar to the baby demi-wipsies but with a bit more going on and added overlapping of lashes (great for blocking view of any baldness underneath!). The ends only needed trimming ever so slightly to get them to fit the length of my lid, which I find is pretty standard, and I haven't tried the Ardell glue because I don't trust anything other than Eylure and Kiss to do the job properly. Maybe one day I'll be brave.

Whilst the layering, angling and overlapping of the lashes isn't anything new (Kiss' Blooming Lashes do this superbly), they are all important factors in finding a great pair of lashes that look like your own. Ultimately, this is what us folk with trichotillomania / hair loss want. We don't want anything dramatic or that adds length, we just want them to look like our own lashes.

Natural 172s with finished everyday makeup. Added gerbilarium in the background. I never claimed to be professional. 

What's also great is that these don't feel heavy like other Ardell lashes. I first tried these when I had a few gaps, loved them, but thought 'are these going to work on completely bald lids?'. About a week later, I'd pulled my remaining lashes so had the opportunity to find an answer to my question (silver linings and all, right?). I was so surprised that they looked the same as before- they didn't drop at all! I'm not sure if it's just this style, with them being part of a more natural range, or if Ardell have changed up all their lashes to make them more lightweight, but I was very impressed.

So, if the Ardell 172s have all the same 'natural lash' features as other brands, why are these so special? I think these lashes would be great with only the features I've just mentioned. What takes them to the 'god tier' of lashes is the length. This is what so many lashes I've tried in the past have been missing (or rather, had too much of). Because most false lashes are marketed at those with lashes of their own, they're designed to be slightly longer than your lashes to add that fluttery effect. Unfortunately, us guys and gals with hair loss don't really come under the radar and we're often left with some great styles that just look that little bit too long. Where they look fab, but you can tell they're still false lashes. These Ardell 172s are the PERFECT length and exactly what I've been looking for. They look like your lashes with some added mascara; a bit ruffled, a bit overlapped, not too 'perfect', not too long. My bald prayers have been answered! I've added a lil video below so you can see how they look, unfiltered & unedited.

The pack I bought from Superdrug was actually packaged as a limited edition 'Wispies' style that has since been discontinued, but upon research (following a panic that I won't be able to stock up on my new fave lashes) found that they are being sold on sites like Amazon and Sally's as 'Natural' 172. So if you want to try some, search for Natural 172 and not what's in these photos! If you don't have any eyelashes and are looking for a new style to try, or are even trying lashes for the first time, I'd 100% recommend trying these. They are up there with the best (if not being the best) lashes I've tried for covering trich damage....and I've tried A LOT of lashes!


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