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So, after my life continuing to be a bit of a whirlwind after starting a new job and moving house, I think I'm finally starting to settle into all of the newness. I think. I've had so much on my mind of late (my anxiety is not doing great with all of this change) that I haven't really given any time to this site. I've even only sporadically posted on Instagram- shock horror! During the house move, I had a proper good sort out of all of my beauty products, resulting in a shit tonne (technical measurement) being chucked out- half-used products that I fell out of love with, hand-me-downs that just weren't right for me and more products than I care to admit that had passed their 'PAO' date (period after opening- the beauty equivalent of 'best before').

What I had left was still a mountain of beauty products, but ones which I knew I would use. The cut-back got me thinking about the products I really love and what gets used on a regular basis, forming the staple of my beauty regime. Currently, I'm using a select few skincare products that I'm finding work really well for me during a time where my skin, body and mind have all been under a lot of stress. So, naturally, I thought I would showcase them in this post.

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm (£18.50)

I have a bit of a thing for cleansing balms; in fact, it's one of the only form of cleanser I use! My skin can get quite dry in places, and I find this cleansing balm by Merumaya is so nourishing and gentle on my skin. I swear the formula used to be thicker (my latest tube feels ever so slightly thinner and 'Vaseline-y' in texture), but regardless it works amazingly to remove all traces of makeup and leave my skin feeling not only clean but soft and not stripped of any moisture; plus it's also vegan! The balm melts when worked in your fingers and massaged onto your skin into an oil texture that I just can't get enough of. If you love cleansing balms, this is a MUST TRY!

PIXI Glow Tonic (£18)

I mean, when is this not going to be a staple in everyone's beauty arsenal?! This cult product by PIXI has been written about so many times before (including by myself- full review found here!) so I feel as though I don't really know where to start. The alcohol-free toner contains 5% glycolic acid which helps to work away dead skin cells, gently exfoliate skin and leave behind an incredible glowy complexion. I use this a couple of times a week, almost as a treatment after my cleanse just to give my skin a radiance boost. It really does live up to the hype and is one of those products that gives super speedy results.

Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment (£38)

This product is one I stopped using for a little while, and when I came back to it wondered how I ever lived without it. As the formula feels essentially like water, you only need a few drops to cover your face- meaning this humongous bottle goes a very long way! I use this every night after cleansing and before my moisturiser, and find it a great little skin pep in between skincare steps. I discovered this product after popping along to Kiehl's in Brighton; my skin was going through a very dry, temperamental phase (probably due to change in seasons) and I was desperate to try something new to try and combat the flare up. This treatment is so light, gentle and fast-absorbing but makes such a difference to my complexion. It brightens and, most importantly for me, deeply nourishes. I never knew I needed this product and doesn't seem like your obvious choice for a hit of moisture, but it really does the job well.

Sond Midnight Feast Night Cream (£38)

This is the newest bit of skincare to my collection, and I'm really enjoying using this Sond night cream. My beauty clear-out saw the majority of my day and night creams be chucked away, and I didn't really know where to start looking for a new cream that would suit my needs. This night cream is quite thick in texture so works well as an overnight treatment so it can work it's magic. The Midnight Feast cream by Sond is suitable for all skin types (even those with sensitive skin) and after using this for the past month or so have found that it helps to soothe my dry t-zone (which seems to have been aggravated somehow by my brows being microbladed) and also leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. It needs a bit of working in because it is so rich and takes some time to absorb (it leaves a slight greasy texture on my skin for a little while, so definitely not a product to be used in the morning), but I quite enjoy having the excuse to take that time to massage the product into my face as opposed to just slapping it on. It's slotted perfectly into my night-time beauty routine and I'm excited to see the long-term effects.

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