Beauty Must-Haves For Your Summer Holidays

So, as of today, I can say 'I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY THIS WEEK!'. Late Saturday night we'll be traipsing to the airport to catch a flight to Crete for a week of sun, beaches and all inclusive food/ drink. Honestly, what more could a girl want? When we booked the holiday in March, it seemed ages away, but (as it always does) time has seriously crept up on us and this weekend I realised I needed to start thinking about what I was going to pack (and also whether my summery clothes still fit me, cue bank holiday shopping trip!). When it comes to beauty, I am usually fully stocked up and always buy bits and bobs whenever they are on offer, so luckily I have most things I need already. I thought many of you will have summer holidays approaching, so thought I'd share some of the beauty items which are going to be must-haves in my suitcase.


Now, the humidity of sunny, exotic locations can easily turn your hair into a frizz ball. Combined with dipping in and out of the pool or sea, you need something that'll smooth things out a little. I recently posted a full review of this Alfa Italia de-tangling brush (which is a lot like the classic Tangle Teezers) and this will definitely be coming on holiday with me! This brush is not only quite a compact little product (meaning more space in your case for clothes) but it does such a fantastic job at combing through any knots caused by windy beach walks without pulling at your hair or damaging it in any way. What's more is that it works miracles when it comes to providing a smooth finish- my hair is always so soft and glossy after using this!

The only other essential hair item I will be packing (alongside the usual shampoo/conditioner and maybe a little hair oil) will be some Batiste dry shampoo. I don't know anyone who would go on holiday without dry shampoo as it is just the ultimate hair saviour. Boots and Superdrug always do miniature cans which are perfect for holidays when you want to be space-efficient but still pack something that will give your hair a little spruce up.


Firstly, suncream. SPF is so important when you're in the UK let alone on holiday but traditional suncreams can often feel far too greasy and heavy for the delicate skin on your face. On summer days or on holiday, I always turn to this Eucerin product (which is SPF 50) for a little help. It's a very thin, runny formula that needs to be rubbed into the skin but it feels so lightweight and also dries with a mattifying effect, meaning wearing makeup over the top isn't going to be an issue or leave you looking greasy.

One thing I do forget to pay attention to in warmer months is my lips. We've all been there in winter when the chapped lips start appearing and we apply copious amounts of lip balm to ease them, but they also need looking after in hotter temperatures too. This tropically coconut flavoured Malibu lip balm is SPF 30 and isn't a thick balm at all but feels so moisturising on your lips. It's also water resistant so will protect your lips even when you're wallowing in the pool (although I always keep mine topped up just for the moisturising effect!)

A quick mention also goes out to La Roche-Posay's Serozinc face mist which I find is the most gorgeous product in the summer. Although I think it is a toning product supposed to be used before moisturiser, I find the cooling effect of the face mist lovely over makeup as a refreshing top up throughout the day in the heat of summer. It also helps to mattify skin's appearance (making it ideal for oilier skin types). A face mist is an essential for holiday- skin care and cooling down rolled into one.


If there's one thing out of all of these that I would say you need to buy, it's some Riemann P20 suncream. My family have been using this product for quite some time now and we all swear by it as the best sun protection out there. Although the smell isn't as amazing and 'tropical' as some other sun creams, the formula is very thin and runny (almost a bit like an oil, rather than a cream, so no worrying about white patches!) that soaks into your skin really quickly. It does leave the slightest oily feel, but this doesn't bother me at all. It promises 10 hours of sun protection, although I always make sure I top mine up again during the hottest times of the day when on holiday, just because I'm quite fair-skinned and know I burn easily! But this stuff will 100% keep you protected and is water-resistant too. Whether it's in spray format or bottle, you need this sun cream in your suitcase if you're jetting off to hotter climates. I got this SPF 50 version from Groupon for only £10 but I don't think the offer is available anymore. It's worth looking around to see if you can get a good deal as this product can often be quite expensive (but is so worth it).

A running theme here is my lack of patience for skin care when on holiday! At home  I love putting time aside to slather on a good body lotion or pop a face mask on, but on holiday time is precious! This Vaseline 'moisturiser in a can' has been a staple for a while now and will definitely be in my case come Saturday night. Just spray all over your body to moisturise in seconds- you're making sure your skin is looked after on holiday without wasting time, perfect! It's also really cool and refreshing on skin so will be lovely after a day in the sun- I just wish they did it in travel versions! Aveeno also do a spray moisturiser now (although the Vaseline one is often on offer and a bit cheaper).

Although this one isn't an essential as such, I love the effect the Solait perfecting shimmer oil gives (especially over a tan) and it's a great dupe for more high-end products of similar nature, such as Clarins. The lightweight oil gives you a really subtle bronzed glow that will look gorgeous in the evening whilst nourishing your skin with argan, rosehip and almond oils. The packaging of all Solait products have since had a revamp- the brand is exclusive to Superdrug and is really fab for affordable summer products, including aftersuns and fake tans (I've been trying out their tanning mist and really like it).

Lastly, we have another product I've reviewed recently- Dr Pawpaw. When I first reviewed this product I wasn't 100% about the Vaseline-like texture, but since I wrote the post I have been using the balm more and more and have grown to really love it. I've mainly been using this as a cuticle oil (the healing elements to the Australian balm make it great for patching up my dermatillomania damage) but can be used to moisturise dry patches, soothe sore lips or even ease insect bites. It's a fab little multi-functional product that will easily fit in your handbag too- this one is definitely coming with me, plus it's many uses will free up some room in my luggage!

So, this turned into a very long post! What are your holiday beauty essentials? 

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