C-Lash by Eylure: A Range Designed For Hair Loss

It is estimated that up to 3% of the population will suffer from trichotillomania at some point in their lives. It's also estimated that around 2% are at risk of developing alopecia, and 38% of us are likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Add to that a number of other factors, such as stress, and you start to realise that it is not uncommon for people to suffer some form of hair loss. And yet for so long there have been very few products available to us that have been designed with our needs in mind. That's a whole lot of people crying out for wigs, lashes, and remedies to help make their lives a little easier!

Eylure have recently become one of those brands that have, after a long time coming, used their status to release a product that is designed specifically for hair loss sufferers. Enter, C-Lash! This new range of lashes, sporting three different styles and available exclusively to Boots online and in store, have been created and designed by an incredible lady called Codilia Gapare.

Cody was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and with the fight and treatment came the loss of her lashes through chemotherapy. Having never really worn false lashes before, she struggled to apply the lash strips we are accustomed to seeing; they can be tricky to apply anyway, but trying to apply them to bare lids with no lashes to hold them up can be gruelling. She started to conceptualise her own lash range, and from hereon-in C-Lash was born.

This range is unique in its design. The lashes themselves are reminiscent of Eylure's natural range, but it's the lash strip where the real difference can be found. What would be a normal pair of lashes is secured to a section of tape; in order to apply, you simply peel back the tape and secure this straight onto your eyelid. Pretty innovative, right?! I have quite a lot to say about these lashes so I'm going to break it into the pro's and con's for hair loss....get ready for a long post!


I struggled to apply these lashes. The tape makes them inflexible; I am used to putting glue onto the lash strip, applying to my lash line with tweezers and angling them upwards slightly to give that natural lift and prevent drooping. Once these are on your lid, there's no wiggling them up to give them lift- they don't budge. This, of course, makes them incredibly secure, but I personally don't like the inflexibility and prefer to place the lashes how I want to try and maximise the natural look.

The tape itself does seem quite bulky. It looks fine when in the packet but when you go to apply it to your lid you realise how much of your lid it actually covers. The tape is also covered with a very slight texture (which I think it made up of tiny dots). Even with makeup over it, this texture still comes through and makes you look like you've got a bumpy eyelid, which in turn makes it obvious you are wearing false eyelashes.

These lashes also droop, a lot. I found after a couple of times that there is definitely a knack to applying these. They have the same, if not more, curve as normal lashes (in that the lashes drop and pick back up in almost a 'u' shape). If you apply the tape to the lash line (like I did at first), they droop down so much that half of my vision was covered. You do not apply these like normal lashes! Instead, I found that lining up the lowest point of the curve to my lash line was the only way to get them to sit right....the only issue with that was that the tape had to be placed so high up my eyelid. That in turn made it look like I had eyelashes sprouting out half way up my eyelid. I think I would prefer to look bald. The only way to cover this was to fill in the gaps with dark makeup, which is just not my style at all. The inflexibility again really works against you here.

The lashes themselves are pretty styles; I really like the lengthening style and the natural isn't too bad either. The volume style has gaps in between each lashes which isn't something I personally go for as when you look down the baldness underneath becomes tell-tale. I'm not sure how re-usable these lashes are either as the tape may lose its stickiness (it's not a case of removing the glue and going again).


Although I personally didn't get on with these lashes, I think it's because I've spent 10 years becoming a pro at applying normal ones; that's what I'm used to, and these are so different to apply that it just threw me. For someone who has never had to apply lashes before and have lost their own suddenly through illness (like Cody herself), or for those just starting off with false lashes and are worried about getting the knack of applying them, these could be a great stepping stone. If you haven't picked up the habits of applying normal lashes, I can see how these can be a doddle to apply for any lash virgins out there.

The tape itself is actually really comfortable; something I was really surprised about! After a little while the tape almost melts into your skin to the point that you don't even realise it's there. The lashes, as all Eylure ones are, are super lightweight. The lashes are also a really great length and width- mine didn't need to be trimmed at all.

You can also apply makeup over the tape section to really help blend them in and create a finished look; concealer and eye makeup both sit well over the tape and don't transfer.

Once these lashes are on, they really don't budge. They feel very secure- much more so than when you use the lash glue with normal lashes. This means you don't have to worry about the ends pinging off or having to carry glue around with you; you can go about your day freely knowing your lashes will be in place all day. These are also retailing at £5.95 so they are so affordable too.

It really is amazing to see such a huge brand like Eylure listening to the hair loss community and designing a product with our needs in mind. It's something that's never really been bought to the high street before and hopefully will generate some much needed conversations about why some people wear lashes and help break some stigma around hair loss. I feel like a huge step has been taken in a very positive direction.

I was actually part of the C-Lash campaign and was asked to speak about my form of hair loss, along with some other incredible ladies. We all had our own reasons for wearing false lashes; some though trichotillomania, some alopecia and some through chemotherapy. You can catch our videos on the Eylure YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxKdkHiB0vY

Although I was part of this campaign, I wanted to disclose that I have not been paid to do so- it was to raise awareness about trichotillomania- and this post is not sponsored. The lashes were gifted to me, however. As you probably all know by now, I review all products completely honestly and the fact that these items were gifted has not swayed my opinion in any way....as you can likely tell!

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