My Favourite Gentle Eye Make-up Removers (That Are Great For Trichotillomania Sufferers)

Pulling your own hair out sucks. What sucks even more is the horrible red, sore irritation you feel around your eyes after a spree and, well, just generally. Constantly picking around your eyelid and leaving your eyes exposed isn't the best for your eye health, leaving your peepers open to infections, soreness and getting things in your eye (which can often scratch and irritate further!). With our eyes already being delicate organs, this added strain means that we need to take extra good care of them. Wearing eye make-up can often be a great way of covering damage and boosting confidence, but when it gets to the end of the day, the products you use to remove the beauty products are ever-more important. Here are a few of my favourite, gentle eye make-up removers that I have found amazing at wiping away the eyeliner whilst minimising irritation on sensitive eyes.

1. Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make-Up Remover (£26)

Although this is a little on the pricey side, this is one of my all-time favourite eye make-up removers. Despite Lancome claiming this product is 'non-oily', I do find that this is on the greasy side of my make-up remover collection. Whilst this isn't an issue, it is just something to be aware of if this kind of texture isn't for you. Applying a little of the liquid formula onto a cotton pad, this Lancome remover works wonders are taking away pesky eyeliners and waterproof mascaras. There's no irritating rubbing necessary to take it all off- just a few wipes is all you need, saving your eyes from unnecessary hassle. If this is a little out of your price range, a great dupe for the Bi-Facil remover is the Vichy Purete Thermale waterproof eye-makeup remover, designed for sensitive eyes. This works in pretty much exactly the same way and feels exactly the same texture (leaving that slightly oily feel) only for £15 cheaper.

2. Nouveau Lashes Eye Make-Up Remover (£14.99)

This brand new launch from the false lash queens, Nouveau Lashes, is a fantastic product for anyone with sensitive eyes. The pump bottle releases a blob of the unusual micellar gel formula; I am so used to using liquid eye make-up removers that the gel was slightly strange at first. It is. however, so pleasant to use, and find that the gel has almost a soothing effect on my irritated eyes. Leaving a slightly oily texture behind (but nowhere near as much as the Lancome and Vichy counterparts), this product is incredibly hardworking and removes even the most stubborn of my eyeliners with ease. A great one for quick and easy eye make-up removal without being harsh or irritating for sensitive eyes.

3. Skin Therapy Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (£1.25)

A bit of a wildcard here that you will either love or hate (I personally love, hence the feature!). Available in Sainsburys, this Skin Therapy eye make-up remover perhaps isn't quite as luxurious feeling to use as the others mentioned in this post, but it still really gets the job done with no complaints. This will be a great one if you don't like that greasy, oily residue that's left with many removers. It feels a lot more like a micellar water cleanser in this respect; no residue but the watery formula still cleanses effectively. I am seriously impressed at how well this takes away my felt-tip eyeliners and mascaras which often prove the toughest challenge. It doesn't wipe them away as effortlessly as the others (yet still uses minimal rubbing to remove every scrap) but the formula is great for sensitive eyes; no further irritations- a winner especially if you have no eyelashes to protect you!

Have you tried any of these products? Which eye make-up removers would you recommend for sensitive eyes?

Pretty and Polished

This post features press samples, however, all opinions are my own. 


  1. The new Respectissime from La Roche-Posay is really good too! I find it more effective and gentle than the Vichy one. I do love the Bi-Facil but it's so expensive and that floral scent isn't my favourite. The LRP one is half the price and doesn't have that strong fragrance, and it works really well even at removing waterproof makeup. :)

    1. I don't actually mind the Bi-Facil scent, in fact I quite like it! I must try out the LRP one, it sounds amazing. Definitely one to add to my list! x

  2. How do you use the Nouveau lashes one, I've tried it as is, on a cotton pad, etc. It stings the holy hell out of my eyes, I try to keep them tightly shut, but to no avail. I love the body shop camomile bi-phase one. Maybe I've just super sensitive eyeballs.

    Honestly Aine

    1. I pump a little bit onto a cotton pad and just wipe away the make-up. That's a shame that it irritates your eyes- I've had no issues with it...even with no eyelashes and when my eyes are extra sore after a pulling spree! x


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